Sat | Sep 25, 2021

Ricardo Nicks: The daddy super hero

Published:Sunday | June 20, 2021 | 12:12 AMShanna Monteith - Sunday Gleaner Writer
Ricardo Nicks along with his girls, Keyarah and Kendrah-Kaye.
Ricardo Nicks along with his girls, Keyarah and Kendrah-Kaye.

Good fathers are not just necessary, they are essential. In fact, research has proven that there are countless ways in which children may benefit from having a dad who is actively involved in their life as they play a unique role in parenting.

In addition to being the main source of protection and provision in the home, daddies are necessary for stability, fun, friendship, education, guidance, mental health and are usually that additional source of confidence boosting.

Testifying to this is wife, mother of two and author Keneisha Beddasingh-Nicks, who is in love with and total admiration of the relationship her husband, Ricardo, has with their girls, Keyarah and Kendrah-Kaye.

“It is said that a daughter’s first love is from her father, and the power of his love in his child’s life is unmatched. I celebrate my husband for being a real man and for stepping up to his responsibilities to his two girls even though his father was not around [for] him. My girls view their dad as a superhero because he has always been there for them and he spoils them when it is needed,” Beddasingh-Nicks said.

His job demands a great deal of his time, but even while on his duties, he makes it his point of duty to call or video-chat with his girls just to ensure that they know he has not forgotten about them,” she shared.

Beddasingh-Nicks told Family and Religion that her husband provides both his children with praise, support, and unconditional love which, according to her, has been boosting their self-esteem.

She added: “I believe that daughters who normally display these traits grow into happy and successful adults. The hugs, the kisses given and the ‘I love you, dad,’ never ends.”

“I see how their faces light up when they see their dad, and I know it’s because of the security that his presence offers them. My eldest daughter, who is just six years old, sees her dad as her defender. She tells him about everyone who gives her trouble, even if it is me, and she waits for him to deal with the situation. He ensures that discipline is maintained at all times. A father is implored to bring his children up in the ways of the Lord, to discipline them and to encourage, comfort and instruct them. In Ephesian 6:4 the scripture states, “Father, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.”

An honest Beddasingh-Nicks admitted that in times past, she has envied the relationship between her husband and daughters but is now really happy that her daughters get to have the stability that she wasn’t privy to, having been raised without the presence of her father in her own life.