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Bittersweet Farewell for the Brazilian Ambassador

Published:Friday | May 15, 2015 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Having a laugh and making good memories are host and Dean of the Diplomatic Corp, Jose Tomas Ares German (left), Russian Ambassador Vladimir Polevnov (middle), and guest of honour, Brazilian Ambassador, Antonio Da Costa Silva.
Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, Dominican Republic Ambassador and host for the evening Dr José Tomás Ares Germán (right) is captured by our lens presenting the Brazilian Ambassador, Antonio Da Costa Silva and his wife, Sylvia de Leoni Ramos with a token of appreciation, courtesy of the Diplomatic Corps.
Afonso Celso Nery, Counsellor of the Embassy of Brazil (right) is all smiles alongside Horella Stewart, personal assistant to the Ambassador of Brazil.
Canadian Ambassador Robert Ready, listens intently to Thalia Lyn (right) while United States Ambassador Luiz Moreno looks on.
Brazilian Ambassador Antonio Da Costa Silva (left) catches up with Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, A.J. Nicholson.
Man of the hour Ambassdor Antonio Da Costa Silva seen sporting his signature bow tie, shares the spotlight with his lovely wife, Sylvia de Leoni Ramos (right).
Three very lovely women-(from left) South African High Commissioner Mathu Joyini, Venezuelan Ambassador Maria Jacqueline Mendoza Ortega and Trinidad and Tobago High Commissioner, Iva Gloudon.

The legacy suite of The Jamaica Pegasus was given a taste of royalty on May 5 when specially invited guests graced the prestigious hotel with their presence. Ambassadors, government officials and well-wishers all came out to bid farewell to one of their own - Brazilian ambassador to Jamaica, Antonio Da Costa Silva.

Those intimately gathered enjoyed bouts of good conversation, topped with casual laughter, over glasses of fine red and white wines.

Pretty soon, mingling filled the elegant ballroom, so dean of the diplomatic corps, Dominican Republic ambassador and the evening's gracious host Dr JosÈ Tomas Ares Germ·n, decided to take the stage to offer a warm welcome. Describing the occasion as bittersweet, he proceeded by stating, "It's always hard for me to say goodbye to colleagues and good friends." In honouring the ambassador's journey in Jamaica, he said that he is sure that the good ambassador will miss his morning and evening golf sessions, while his wife, Sylvia de Leoni Ramos, will miss Jamaica's proximity to Miami and New York where she would engage in therapeutic shopping.

They were both presented with tokens from the diplomatic corps, which he opened for all to see. This was followed by cheers and applause.

In offering his thanks, Ambassador Da Costa Silva asserted that it was a privilege to serve in Jamaica, sharing the professional journey with his wife. He revealed why they both love Jamaica so much, "It was the people who seduced us. Both countries have a deep rooted love for reggae music that we as Brazilians have now claimed for ourselves. And we also share adoration for football. We love this country. We have travelled all over, visiting beaches and mountains, and we will really miss this place." He continued, "I will, in fact, miss playing golf, but I was told I will be able to do so where I am going. Jamaica has become our home, so if there is any way that we can continue to help, we will. As real friends of Jamaica, we will now be going off to Helsinki to start a new adventure, so rest assured, Jamaica will be represented there."

The proceedings were short and sweet in delivery and were closed by the dean, who invited all to enjoy the rest of the night. Like clockwork, it was back to conversation fused with the savoury indulgence of delectable hors d'oeuvres.