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Amazing Things II Come!

Published:Monday | September 28, 2015 | 12:00 AMNashauna Lalah
Sherwayne Mahoney (right) and his team. From left: Giorgi Croce, team manager; Emanuela Quintili, sourcing assistant and communications to the house factories upper management; Andrea Giorgio, assistant and translator. Missing from picture is Silvio Croce, director of the team in Italy.
Ennora is every woman's dream. Made of Calf leather and Elaphe Snake Leather with mesh upper Leather tassel accessory, exposed back heel zipper leather lining and padded memory foam sock for enhanced and sustained comfort that keeps you comfortable all day.
President and Creative Director Sherwayne Mahoney.
Lorrie-suede and elaphe snake leather with crystal double link detail.
Debbie makes a statement. This black patent and Mesh Royal brown crystal ornament with leather lining deserves to be in your closet.
Sofa cushions from Things II Come La Casa collection.
Donna-Baby Goat suede leather and elastic fabrich with gold chain detail.

Sherwayne Mahoney loves the finer things in life, and wants to share that with people who can appreciate it.

Mahoney kicked-started his fashion business, Things II Come, in 2009 with his line of scarves. He now designs jewellery, has a home collection with sofa pillows, made-to-measure clothing; and has also stepped into the women's shoes business with his line - 'Certified - Made in Italy'.

Mahoney credits his Caribbean roots and extended family for his creative spirit. He was born in Bronx, New York, to Jamaican parents, who are originally from Bellefield and Davyton in Manchester. His father crafted and designed leather items, and his mother was a model before becoming an arts director and playwright, and later the spiritual leader of the family church.


Creative nature

While a student at John F. Kennedy High School, a friend suggested he enrol in a fashion design elective class. There he was able to merge his already developed sense of style with his drawing and artistic talents. He was consistently awarded the highest grade in his class and his instructor, Mrs Karvitz, encouraged him to pursue a fashion career. "She made me sit in the front of the class so the girls wouldn't distract me. I liked looking at all the pretty girls," he joked during a recent interview with Outlook.

After high school, with Karvitz's guidance, Mahoney enrolled at Parsons School of Design, in New York. While he said that experience was invigorating, he soon realised that the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) would be a better fit, and would better help him realise his creative potential.

It was at FIT that he came to appreciate the more luxurious aspects of the business, such as fine quality and often rare imported fabrics. While in college, Mahoney worked in retail sales at the Warner Bros. Store, the NBA Store, and Restoration Hardware, where he honed his customer-service skills. Over the course of his career, he has also worked at H&M; Tommy Hilfiger as assistant merchandiser; Escada USA, as director of merchandising and sales, Nine West Holdings; and Easy Spirit, before being promoted to the Bandolino Group where he worked as a product developer.

Mahoney took what he learnt from working at these companies and applied it to his own line. When he started his line of scarves, he distinguished them with his signature two-button style, which today has become his trade mark. "My mother loved buttons when I was growing up. When I created my first line of scarves, I knew I needed something to stand out from other scarf companies. So, that's when I decided to marry my mother's love for detailed buttons to my first scarf line, and it turned out to be a great idea. Many clients love it."

But aside from his trademark two-button style, Mahoney's line stands out on its own. "Things II Come has always been great at standing out. That's what make is so easy at times to sell to a client. When you look at our merchandise from a distance, you would think it belongs in a castle or on someone of royalty, or a movie star, or popular music artist. Then, when you are close, you see all the great detail in the product," he said.

While his scarves and pillows are made in the United States, for his shoe line, Mahoney turned to the shoe capital of the world - Italy. "My shoes are made in the area known as Le Marche, about four hours away from Rome. The reason I wanted to make the collection in Italy is because it is a well-known fact that Italian shoes are the best and highest quality shoes in the world. I wanted to stay true to my brand values and the level of luxury I stand for."

Mahoney was in Jamaica this past week scounting stores that would be a good fit for his merchandise. So, look out Jamaica for Things II Come.