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Alisia Jarrett relieves with Ease

Published:Monday | September 10, 2018 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

There's nothing more throbbing and irritating than aches and pains. And with so many options of rubs and creams on the market, the treatment process remains harder than it should be. Well, entrepreneur Alisia Jarrett, is here to relieve that pressure with Ease.

Jarrett is no stranger to the health field. In fact, her company, LivingWell NaturalCare, has been changing lives with their line of Livingwell products for the past five years. But she decided to make an expansion.

"My late husband, Carrot Jarrett, was a naturopath and we began operating a natural health business - LivingWell NaturalCare. I noticed the majority of his patients and our customers would always complain about some form of physical pain and they wanted instant relief. Although we do have natural products which address pain, and the products did so over time, the customers wanted faster pain relief. So, I started to research on healing essential oils, especially the ones that were proven to work for pain and inflammation. It then led me to produce my own formula."

That formula was Ease.

Ease, she explains to Outlook, is an extra-strength, natural, homemade pain ointment exclusive to LivingWell. Created from a combination of healing essential oils that are proven to help with reducing pain and inflammation, this original formula is not only potent, but it works. According to Jarrett, everything we ingest affects our bodies: the foods we eat, the air we breathe, and of course, the products we apply to our skin that seeps through our pores, like deodorants, lotions and perfumes.

"I have always tried to stay as close to natural products as possible, because most of these products are toxic and can make us sick. Ease is all-natural and chemical-free. It is safe to use on your skin," she added.

Some of the areas Ease alleviates pain from are the knees, ankles, legs, shouders, neck and wrists. It is also known to tackle pain in post-workout joints, muscles, arthritic joints, sprains, provide relieve from stiffness, headaches, itching, and diabetic nerve pain.

The product has been on the market for over three months but officially launched via social media in the first week of September. Jarrett has received amazing testimonials so far from individuals who once suffered through chronic pain. What also came as a surprise were persons getting great results on their eczema and itchy skin brought on by allergies.

"A life with pain, especially chronic pain, is not much of a life. So when persons tell me that my product has helped them with a particular pain that they have been living with all their lives, I am truly happy for them and very proud of Ease."

This remarkable outcome was as a result of extensive and careful research. Jarrett conducted a feasibility study, ensuring that all ingredients could be locally bought and easily accessible. Before placing it on the market, she was already aware of the demand for such a product and anticipated its success. So how does it work? You simply apply a little of the ointment to the affected area, massaging in a circular motion for about five minutes. Persons usually receive very quick relief, some as quick as, less than 10 minutes. It will vary, depending on the injury or the inflamed area.

"We currently have eight products, including Ease. I am aiming to increase our product line to help our customers transform their lives naturally. I love natural medicines, so I will continue to research in order to develop new products."

She continued, "My intention is to promote and to market Ease islandwide so that it is easily accessible to customers. It is safe for children, too, so I visualise that every household will have an Ease in their medicine cabinet, every school will have one in their sports departments and nurses' stations, every gym, spa, business place, senior citizens' homes; yes, my intention is that everyone will own a jar of Ease."

Livingwell is a family business, so Jarrett's daughter markets Ease in New York in the United States of America, hence she is able to send the product with 'ease' to persons living overseas.

Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs? Just do it.

"When you're passionate about creating something new, everything you do daily should be a step towards that said creation. If you haven't started yet, then you should really check how passionate you are about it. We tend to say that we want to do something, but is it really our intention to do it? That's the question you should ask yourself. If it is your intention and you still find it difficult to start, I say, start by writing it down. Write down your intention. Write your goals with deadlines. Then be like Nike and 'Just Do It."

If you're interested in relieving pain with Ease, you can find the rub at Haughton Pharmacy, 31 Caledonia Road, Mandeville, or visit their home at LivingWell NaturalCare, Shop 38, Princeville Plaza, 95 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10. Contact can be made by calling 876-374-9765, email:, or visit them on Instagram: @easepainja.