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Millennial pink for the summer

Published:Sunday | July 7, 2019 | 12:00 AMNatalia Oh - Contributor

As the summer months are heating up, a few familiar things come to mind – warm weather, sunny beach days, barbecues, social gatherings, al fresco dining … and millennial pink.

Millennial pink has been a timeless colour feature in fashion since its debut in 2012, and it has been a statement in several home decor themes and is still the rage in 2019.

Colours have manifested over time to add meaning to varying aspects of our lives. Whether it be to communicate a message or make a statement, as such, colour has become a key component in the advertising and fashion industries.

Though many are confused about the actual shade of millennial pink, we believe it looks something like this: a cool-tone, bubblegum pink with a faint resemblance to faded/peachy salmon.

Nonetheless, this colour is known for its subtle, yet flattering appearance. This androgynous shade, blends effortlessly into home décor.

The colour was used in several high-end fashion commercials world-wide and as such, the colour pink was no longer associated with Barbie and childhood bliss, but it became a grown up, sophisticated colour, which brought new meaning to the idea of subtle chic.

Millennial pink is a staple of its namesake generation’s style and pretty much goes with anything.


Millennial Pink on the patio is a perfect way to make your summer guests feel welcome and at home. For those al fresco meals or a Sunday backyard brunch, pairing this shade with grey or black and white and complementing with greenery, can complement any outdoor space.

Millennial pink also pairs well with rose gold or copper decorative pieces.

It is very easy to include millennial pink in your everyday home décor, without turning your home into a Barbie pink paradise. Here’s how:

1. Unique accent pieces: Mini candles and ceramic accent pieces make great centrepieces for any outdoor or indoor space.

2. Plush throws: Add a decorative blanket or plush throw to your room décor to evoke a subtle sense of relaxation.

3. Decorative cushions or pillows: These can improve your home décor with little to no effort. These underrated décor boosters can add just the right amount of Millennial pink to your living room.

4. Accent curtains: For any neutral living space, accent curtains in the shade millennial pink is enough to spruce up the area with a dash of colour.

5. Kitchenware: This makes the perfect housewarming gift and can add a dash of colour to your kitchen. You can even pair it with crockery for a timeless look.

6. Bathroom vanity accessories: The bathroom is always a great place to start small when trying out a few millennial pink items. A towel, bathroom vanity set or a pink bath rug should do the job.

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