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Beyond the lens: Family into ‘focus’ with Tiffany Miga

Published:Sunday | July 14, 2019 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson - Gleaner Writer

Lisa Weed articulated a loving sentiment when she declared, “Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.”

Bringing family into focus by seizing those picture-perfect moments of maternity, baby and family is photographer Tiffany Hanson.

Hanson, who popularly goes by the name Tiffany Miga, initiated her interest in photography almost 10 years ago. While at community college, she would borrow her mother’s digital camera and plan grand photoshoots with her friends. Little did she know that this leisurely practice would become her true calling.

Captivated by the field, she went on to pursue a career with this art form for six years and counting. The consummate professional could not be happier with her choice.

“Unearthing this unique passion and allowing people to view the world through my eyes has been a truly exciting experience. I definitely do it for love. And if people like it, then I am happy – mission accomplished,” she told Outlook in a recent interview.

After learning about lighting, angles and techniques, and working assiduously for others, she decided to branch out from working for others and focus on her own brand. This commitment was premised on her desire to build her own legacy.

“I have worked for years helping others to build their brand, why not put that same effort and energy into building mine, and I couldn’t do so while still working for someone else,” she explained.

Specialising in maternity, baby and family photography, her exposure flashed into focus as she embarked on the life-changing journey of motherhood. Family matters could not reign truer for the mother of one, and she zooms in on this up-close-and-personal genre by capturing every emotion exuded in each shot.

“All my sessions are memorable! It’s a new and exciting experience every time I meet new families and babies, and that’s why I love photography. I get to freeze that special moment in time for my clients, and that is just amazing.”

The adventurous journey has presented a roller coaster of emotions, producing highs and lows, with the latter having to do with running a successful business while raising a child.

“My work doesn’t end at capturing images. There is also the business part of it, which is most annoying for some creatives, but it comes with the territory, so you just have to do it,” she expressed with a laugh. From writing invoices to running promotions, the list goes on ... it isn’t all glitz and glamour. Balancing that pursuit with an active toddler could scream disaster, but Miga is grateful for the freedom that photography brings, both creatively and as it relates to time. She is able to effectively make her schedule so that she can dedicate and spend as much quality time with her family.

“My family inspires me a lot! When work gets overwhelming and I am tired, my family is the driving force,” she said.


When asked if she prefers the studio to the great outdoors, Miga shared that she is a fan of both, noting that with outdoors, you have so much more to work with and the environment helps with the stories that both the photographer and clients are trying to tell. The studio, however, has its benefits of being more controlled and intimate.

Her only aim right now is to nurture the company and make it into an even bigger brand. She is looking at the possibility of opening a second and third studio location islandwide.

“Photography is my first passion. Outside of that, I am tending to my supportive family and my other businesses that includes a beauty bar, a balloon company and other entrepreneurial endeavours.”

Her advice to aspiring photographers is to find that one thing that you love capturing and work at it.

“I know its sounds cliché, but practice makes perfect, or close to perfect. Also, don’t be afraid to imitate, because sometimes that’s how we find our way, by learning from the best. Find that photographer that you admire the most and just study them.”

To view more of Tiffany Miga Photography, check out her social media pages, Instagram: @tiffanymigaphotography or Facebook: Tiffany Miga Photography. And if you like what you see here and would like to book an appointment, email: tiffanymigahanson2008@gmail.com.