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The greatness in Glave with Quality Circle International

Published:Sunday | November 3, 2019 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley - Gleaner Writer

Owen Glave is changing the face of auditing, consulting, and project management in the food and beverage industry.

He’s not a chef, but he owns a restaurant. However, for this quality management consultant, this is just one of his championing tools. Quality Circle International is the prime mechanism he uses to set trends in his niche – helping to certify companies to operate in an international marketplace.

After years of preparing for the day he would call himself boss, in 2003, he opened the doors to this ever-growing company that brings automation to the playing field. Soon after, Glave etched his name internationally, making Quality Circle International formally ready for business in Texas.

Glave never planned to immerse himself in technology the way he is now, but it has become a part of him, like blood pumping through his veins. But before, agriculture captured his attention. He loved food, and while doing his master of business administration with a focus on total quality management, technology became his closest friend. So, he figured, he should marry the two.

“You look at the things that you’ve done most recently to judge what is your greatest accomplishment. But that’s not me. Developing my software is the epitome of my knowledge, and that’s my most significant achievement as a businessman. It’s difficult to conceptualise something in your mind, but it is even more challenging to design it on paper. And I did that,” he said.

Short of speaking or understanding Mandarin, he worked with a developer in China (who knew very little English), to bring his ‘work babe’ to life. Risky business, right? However, he found out the truth long after employing the technology genius, when communication was no longer a barrier to his success.

Hundreds of hours: that’s how long, he recollects, it took for the developer to understand him in order to write the codes necessary for his applications.


With little leisure time, outside of his jacket, he’s a fun-loving family man. A father of three, he’s quick to make sacrifices to ensure that his wife and children are happy, especially jumping on a plane on the weekend to visit home after a long week working in Jamaica. He’s a sports lover. That’s why he uses sporting activities as a bonding tool for his two boys.

“Honestly, work interferes with my family life, especially since I’m not home 100 per cent. They won’t see me when they get home from work or school. But my family knows that what I’m doing is for a greater goal,” Glave told Outlook.

Still, he makes up for his absence, with ‘Face-timing’, ‘WhatsApping’ and connecting with his clan via these social media tools.