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Picture-perfect memories by Picatube

Published:Sunday | November 24, 2019 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley - Gleaner Writer
Jermaine Reynolds shows off the beautiful works of art that he has created.
Hot water changes the colour of the ceramic mug to show what is printed on it.
Picatube’s sequined cushions are two sided, which means your special message can be concealed until it’s time for your loved ones to read it.
Jermaine Reynolds says personalised clip boards can make great gifts.
Personalising your child’s lunch bag can make life easier.
Aluminium photo panels are perfect to jazz up your walls.

Jermaine Reynolds likes to capture images. He also enjoys graphic design and that’s why he has merged his two passions, creating Picatube, a unique and burgeoning business venture that offers one-of-a-kind, personalised products.

Picture-perfect tumblers, T-shirts, aluminium photo panels, ceramic tile portraits, lunch bags for adults and children, sequin cushions bearing messages for your special person, and the most famous of all, the colour-changing ceramic mugs, are just some of the pieces available.

Reynolds, the creative who uses the sublimation printing technique to add character to simple objects, has been leading innovative talks on the popular social media sites with his items.


The 35-year-old entrepreneur first tapped into the world of creativity at 13 years old, printing on T-shirts. He took a hiatus, but had to return to the enterprising arena because of the luxuries that come with being your own boss and working on your own time. Competing in this saturated market, he decided to extend his innovativeness to other areas.

“My goal is to offer my customers something different to express themselves through. They are definitely impressed. However, the biggest challenge I’ve had is to prove my authenticity; because I am online-based, a lot of people do not trust that I am reputable. But my client reviews usually help to convince them,” he explained.

The St Elizabeth native, now Kingston resident, had his eyes set on the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. But the fee was too expensive and he had to settle for the cheapest course at the University of Technology, Jamaica. Browsing through a bunch of brochures, he chose a Bachelor of Arts degree in education in the field of construction technology programme. This was a stepping stone, as he still hoped to study at his school of choice. However, his love for photography pulled in a different direction.

“I’ve always loved photography, even as a child. Looking through a magazine, there was always something about the images that I couldn’t understand, but they always caught my attention,” Reynolds said.

So, the first chance he got to learn the craft, he immediately jumped on the opportunity. Now this is a vital aspect of Picatube. Reynolds also offers photography services for weddings, maternity shoots, and other events. However, this is not his major priority as he laments that clients aim for works of the lowest prices, which usually forces him to limit his creativity and produce mediocre work. That’s why he tries to avoid this.


Sitting with Outlook, Reynolds assessed his success and noted how proud he was of his accomplishments. He has come a long way, moving from an underachiever in high school to a university graduate, and now a big hitter with Picatube, his major side hustle to his nine-to-five.

Robbed at gunpoint at his home a few years ago, when he started out on his entrepreneurial journey, he has opted to use this tragedy as an opportunity to continue excelling. His love for his now-deceased grandmother who raised him, as well as his familial support, keeps him going.

Reynolds hopes to make Picatube one of Jamaica’s household brands for customised items. And he has already started on this excursion.

To learn more about Picatube, contact Jermaine Reynolds at (876) 370-8630, or visit his Instagram page at @picatude.