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Elizabeth Alexander: Living with passion, purpose

Published:Sunday | January 5, 2020 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley - Gleaner Writer

Elizabeth Alexander lives a purpose-filled life, focusing on the end results before even starting an endeavour. This life coach, author, and inspirational speaker is also the manager of employee benefits at Guardian Life Limited. Her aim is to make a life-changing difference in the lives of those with whom she comes in contact.

“At this point in my life, everything I do I try to attack it with a sense of passion and purpose. I always start with the end in mind, the things I want to accomplish,” she told Outlook in an engaging interview.

She keeps a mental note of all that she wants to achieve, a lifestyle she developed from one of her admired authors, Stephen Covey. In fact, for 17 years in the health insurance industry, this habit has helped her to stay focused and achieve success.


Alexander welcomes challenges, no matter how difficult they are. This is one of the reasons she enjoys working in the health insurance industry.

“I need to be in an environment that challenges me or else I will get bored. I like my job because of the new possibilities and opportunities that it presents. And I actually get an adrenaline rush each time I close a case,” the result-oriented diva explained.

Although she has been in this sector for almost two decades and has been winning big, sometimes she questions why she chose to venture in the field. At first, she was interested in client relationships, but after providing this service to an insurance company, the “dynamic field which fosters constant growth” won her heart.

Now, her victory prevails each day. She clears her head of all negativities, self defeating and self limited thoughts and believes that all things are possible. And she wants you to do the same and clutch your success.


She’s an avid reader and her wish is to see others adopt this habit, especially those who are considering investing in health insurance. Plus she loves to exercise, especially running. Her morning run is a must.

And there’s more to the exciting individual. First declaring her devotion to Christ, when asked what’s the one thing she can’t live without, the successful sales woman replied “my purse.”

She believes if she gets stranded, having access to money will get her back on track fast.

Her advice to you is, “Love and nurture yourself. It may sound selfish but the truth is it is actually ‘self full.’ When your full, you are able to give back. If you are empty there is nothing for you to offer and you can’t put yourself in their position to be able to empathise and be compassionate. And live a passionate and purposeful life, set your goals and work at achieving them.”