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Five things to do

Published:Sunday | April 19, 2020 | 12:07 AM

Real names of celebrities

You would be surprised at the differences between the names of your favourite celebrities and the names on their birth certificates.

‘Less Popular’ Sports

Ever wonder what the rules are for sports like curling, lawn bowls and Aussie Rules football? They may not have ‘large’ followings in Jamaica, but they are madly popular elsewhere.

Movies Based On Real Events

See what artistic liberties film makers took in bringing true stories to the big screen.

Exotic Places

Ever wonder where Bora Bora, Timbuktu and Phuket (it’s not pronounced how you might think) are located? Get out the digital encyclopedias.

History Of Last Names

May take some finding (not like you’re going anywhere) but there are bound to be interesting facts about name origins and how the spellings have changed over the years.