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Tasty Sips with Open Bar and Blackwell Rum

Published:Thursday | August 24, 2017 | 12:21 PMKimberly Goodall
The brain behind Open Bar, Lisa Duval, pauses from her tasty endeavors to smile for our camera.
From left: Open Bar’s vice-president of marketing and sales Carol Da Costa (left) is all smiles with Blackwell Rum’s brand manager Delroy Morgan, and Devon House Café’s Paula Surtees.
Director of Perry’s Manufacturing and Hotel Supplies Harvey Lyn (left) in high spirits with General Manager of Strawberry Hill hotel Greg Vogt.
Jonathan Binns and Melissa Palomino came out to enjoy delicious cocktails and have a good time.
Two beauties in the form of Doreen Buchanan (left) and Erica Williams.
Open Bar Hospitality bartender Tennille Chalmers shows off two sweet Summer Sangrias
Renowned master mixologist George Duval shares a quick photo op with his wife and business partner Lisa (right), son Kozby and Open Bar Hospitality’s vice-president of marketing, Carol Da Costa.
Jonathan Buchanan and Barbie Mudahy came out to enjoy Open Bar Hospitality and Blackwell Rum’s intimate cocktail tasting on Wednesday.

When Blackwell Rum and Open Bar Hospitality joined forces on Wednesday, they created a delightful evening of tasty sips, good vibe and mixology skills on display at the Devon House CafÈ.

With complimentary Blackwell Rum served neat upon entry, guests were in high spirits as they indulged in the delicious flavours of great cocktails at the talented hands of the renowned New York-based master mixologist, George Duval.

Lovers of Jamaica and the rich flavours of the island's roots, George and Lisa Duval were excited to introduce their bar company, Open Bar Hospitality, which specialises in open bar services for private and corporate events. The evening's cocktail menu included sugarless Summer Sangrias and Scotch Bonnet Rum Rita which created exotic flavours that danced on the taste buds, creating a few buzzes here and there.

"The drinks were excellent and had so much complexity. The way in which they used the local products showed that much thought was put into the drinks - like the June Plum Mojito and Ginger Zinger. There is a balance in flavours that complimented each other perfectly," noted participant Anna Chin.

To deliver a memorable experience, Open Bar thought that there was no better way than to team up with the fine Jamaican rum - Blackwell - to fuse its soothing flavour with authentic Jamaican ingredients.

"This is such a bountiful country with a lot of fruits, so why not use it? George has done infused syrups with Scotch bonnet peppers, ginger, sorrel, mints and herbs. He has made a number of signature cocktails for Campari, Bulldog Gin, Ciroc and Red Stripe, because we try to use whatever we can; and wherever we go, we're always going to put a piece of Jamaica in it," Vice-President of Marketing and Sales Carol Da Costa told TODAY.

With a light summer breeze passing through the venue and with expert tips from Duval, patrons were ready to try their hands at creating masterpieces alongside the man of the night. After a few shakes and blends, guests were producing some tasty numbers that surely went down in history.