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Vox pop for Western Focus

Published:Friday | August 28, 2015 | 5:59 PM
Claudette Jackson-Rickards
Dennis Meadows
Patrick Beckford
Alfred Shields
Sonia Watson

With major investments such as the Harmony Cove Casino project and the expansion of the Falmouth Cruise Ship Pier on the horizon, are you now confident that Falmouth is ready to become Jamaica's next big economic centre?

Dennis Meadows,

Co-convenor of CAPI

It certainly has the potential to be when one considers the economic projects earmarked. What serves as a hindrance to Trelawny's potential is the absence of proactive and visionary political leadership at all levels. The capital, as it is, is woefully lacking in cleanliness, a central sewerage system, and inadequate storm drainage. It takes effective leadership to address those ills.

Alfred Shields,

US-based businessman

Definitely yes! While the town of Falmouth might be lacking some basic infrastructure at this time, those can be developed over time. However, with the major investments that are coming, it will allow more people to become gainfully employed. This will, ultimately, lift the standard and quality of life in the town.

Sonia Watson, retired teacher

Oh no, not quite ready at this time! Some serious attention needs to be given to the appearance of the town. Garbage collection, cleaning of drains, etc, that's terrible. However, the town has great potential ... . It is already branded as the city with a heart. In addition, being Usain Bolt's town, that might be a good marketing tool to help attract investment.

Claudette Jackson-Rickards, Insurance executive

Yes, I am very confident that Falmouth is ready and will become the next big economic centre. For years, we were told that we were sitting on a 'gold mine'. Well, the time is now and the stage is being set to mine that gold. Now is the opportune time to benefit economically from all that is happening and improve the quality of life for our people.

Patrick Beckford,

US-based businessman

Definitely! I believe Falmouth can become Jamaica's next big economic centre because the potential is there. However, it will require outside-the-box thinking and planning. It would definitely be good to see Falmouth realising its full potential.