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Published:Friday | September 11, 2015 | 10:08 AM
Ray Kerr
Ras Dawit
Hyacinth Shakes-Warren
Olivia Sewell.

Do you believe more should be done to encourage and boost bee farming in Hanover?

"The authorities can outline the financial benefits. As most people would be interested as to what they can make from such a venture. Also, a loan or grant could be offered to interested persons to give them a head start. The fact that the country is not producing enough honey and [the] added fact that there is great demand for the product overseas could be highlighted."

- Olivia Sewell, firefighter/bee farmer

"I think that once we've identified persons who are interested, we can then, through RADA, provide special training and grants for them to get started. There would also have to be a monitoring programme in place to ensure that these funds don't go to waste, as well as to assist with marketing."

- Hyacinth Shakes-Warren,

manager Rhodes Hall Plantation

The Government must begin to invest the taxes into sustainable local agro-eco ventures and enterprise. Honey has a huge global market. We have the perfect environment to produce some of the highest-quality honey.

- Ras Dawit, farmer

The Government could help with subsidising equipment and boxes as these are expensive. Also subsidise the younger

farmers by giving them the start-up funds to purchase the hives because it is about $20,000 per hive. Bee farmers should also take on fruit tree and flower cultivation as a project so that the bees can have nectar consistently.

- Ray Kerr, farmer