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Vox Pop

Published:Thursday | July 7, 2016 | 12:00 AM
SSP Steve McGregor
ACP Paul Feguson
Former ACP Denver Frater
Former Senior Superintendant of Police Newton Amos

Over the years, various commanding officers, who have been assigned to the St James Police Division, have made many damning comments about the culture of crime in the parish. Here are a few choice selections from The Gleaner's archive.

"Montego Bay is a drug den where high-profile criminals operate with impunity ... . Some of these men occupy prominent positions in this community and wield a lot of power."

- Former Superintendent of Police Newton Amos (2004)


"These new and empowered breed of criminals are a real challenge to the police because they have high-powered weapons and they are mobile .... because of the influence they have on some communities, it is sometimes difficult to get information on them."

- Former ACP Denver Frater (2010)


"We are in a crisis ... because many of you, when night comes, you cannot wait to get into your homes .... you are afraid of the dark; you are afraid of the murderers, thieves, and rapists that prowl the streets."

- ACP Paul Ferguson (2010)


"What is happening in St James is just unbelievable. The simplest of disputes ends with persons being killed ... so much senseless killings...we can't be everywhere at the same time. People need to start settling their disputes without violence."

- Senior Superintendent Steve McGregor (2016)