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Savour The Experience!

Published:Thursday | January 14, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Latoya Grindley, Gleaner Writer

Its specialty drink and namesake, The Experience, is made with a combination of apple vodka and Ting.

Upon arrival at The Experience, the beautifully maintained garden setting greets you. Becoming one with nature, you are surrounded by greenery - plants and trees of varying types and sizes - and the soothing sound of water, flowing from the mini water fountains. Staying true to its natural oasis theme, apart from the well kept lawn on both sides of the walkway, there is also a spread of gravel used to complement the setting.

The Experience owner, Darren Neita, says the selling point of his establishment is its unique and natural setting.

Opened just over a month ago, the bar is located on Merrick Avenue behind Angela's clothing boutique. Serving as a lyming spot, food is also available from its menu of local favourites. "If people want more than drinks, they can choose from our menu. We offer jerked chicken and pork, curried goat with white rice and sometimes we serve roti."

Utilising its current location to start a bar was a decision that Neita made based on the economic climate. "I thought of a bar because I think it would be less costly, especially in these economic times. We have food here but the focus isn't necessarily on that right now."

Suits everyone

Catering mostly to corporate clients, there are areas to suit whatever customers require to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. There is the covered bar area, ideal for those who would want a quick drink, then there are open-air seats and tables (some partially covered by umbrellas), as well as covered areas, which seem to be the more intimate lounge area, with sofa-like seating.

Opening from Wednesday through to Saturday, The Experience has theme nights as part of its entertainment package. "On Thursdays, we have karaoke night; on Fridays, we feature different genres of music; and on Saturdays we have a jazz night - though, of course, we try to cater to and facilitate the crowd that comes here on a given night."

At present, Neita says, the reception to the establishment has been good, with many falling in love with the natural setting and its most favoured item on the menu - curried goat.

Jerk chicken and pork are also menu options, and both are served with bread

The most talked about food item on the menu, curried goat, is served with roti.

Covered with a tent, this section is perfect for a bonding session with a group of friends or for a more intimate time. - photos by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

Darren Neita keeps in touch.