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Published:Friday | January 15, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Reap taxes from 'bad wud'

I visited a car parts shop this week to purchase brake light bulbs and, as a result of the 'colourful' language I was subjected to in the waiting area, I was struck by a brilliant idea: The solution to Jamaica's debt problem.

Post a policeman near the cashier or line in each shop, gas station, tax office, rum bar, hospital, etc., and have them issue tickets to persons using 40 shilling words (expletives) except, accounting for inflation and exchange rate, make the fine $4,000. We should collect enough fines to balance the budget in a couple of weeks!

Lavinia McClure

PM's road map

Prime Minister Bruce Golding's address to the nation can be viewed as the sketch of Recognising Options toAchieve Desires by MakingAchievable Plans (road map).

Themain objective is to use debt exchange to reduce the debtburden.This would requiredomesticgovernment bond holders accepting lower interest rates, saving the government an estimated $40 billion in the next fiscal year. Lower interest rates is expected tostimulate the economy and create jobs.

The prime minister, having made thewise decision and the assurance given that additional revenues would be earned by ensuring greater tax compliance and not theimposition of additional taxes,has spoken and will be taken at his word.

An important reminder, however: there is one thing we should never give unless we have it and are prepared to keep it, and that is our word. Our word is our bond and whenever and wherever this principle is applied it never loses its meaning.

Daive Facey,

Please help Haiti

It is indeed a sad day for the Caribbean as one of our neighbours is devastated. I want to take this opportunity to ask every single Jamaican to contribute in whatever way we can to help Haiti.

The Brimmer Vale High School has made an attempt to help by collecting money from the staff and students to help. I am using this medium to appeal to all schools to encourage their staff and students to do the same. Let us help a child in Haiti. This will not help those in Haiti alone, as it will help to build the morale of students. It will give a sense of belonging and they will feel like they are contributing to save the lives of persons in Haiti.

The Brimmer Vale High School family is praying for them, and we realise that they need more than prayers right now so we are contributing.

We are suggesting that all schools in Jamaica join with us to do our part while corporate Jamaica is doing its share.

Financial donations can be sent to ODPEM Account# 212-387-304 (NCB) or RJR Group Account # 822-317 at Scotiabank.

E. Coleman