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Published:Tuesday | January 19, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Shame on you, Dr Ford

Never mind the savage, racist comments by Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh about the earthquake-ravaged victims of Haiti. However, to listen to Dr Jephthah Ford, who is a very black Caribbean national, express his bigotry and condescension of the Haitian victims, warning us against accommodating them to our shores, made me sick to my stomach.

It is equally ironic that Dr Ford, himself once a victim of police beating, secured the sympathies of many Jamaicans on that occasion.

- Dwight Johnson


Well done, Dr Baker

What a well-written piece of journalism by Peta-Anne Baker in The Sunday Gleaner!. Haiti has been looked upon as a a failed state by too many because of its poverty, etc., caused by corrupt politicians.

In fact, the country was penalised by the big colonial powers because of its fight for independence. There are even those who think she should step back in time and align herself to colonial masters to make things better economically for her people. What a shame that would be.

Haiti should be embraced by all the countries who have achieved independence because it served as the model for those now free states. We need to all get together not just to help it out of this tragedy but also to rebuild it as a free and independent state that symbolises freedom to all the oppressed.

- Eustace Mendez

Annoyed with Boyne

Is Ian Boyne a reporter for or on the staff of the Jamaica Labour Party? If such is the case, then footnote at the end of his column should state this.

This should state this because it will give readers the understanding as to whether Mr Boyne is an objective and a rational commentator or whether he is just an apologists for Bruce Golding and his party.

But after all, well-thinking Jamaicans would have known, judging by his weekly columns, that Boyne is the god of partiality. Almost every sentence he writes is a construction of prejudice in the name of his own self-advantage and for the benefit of his 'driva'.

Ian Boyne himself knows that the Jamaican public will be better informed by objective minds rather than political bias.

- An Annoyed Reader