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Financial Freedom - Be healthy, wealthy and wise in 2010 (part I)

Published:Monday | January 25, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Elaine Grant Bryan, Contributor

Dr B. Waine Kong. - Norman Grindley /Acting Photography Editor

As we continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while taking the necessary steps towards enjoying financial freedom, I challenge you to join me in my four-month weight loss goal. Together let's make an effort to lose 25 pounds by May. We will be able to prove the power of group support in pursuing a common goal.


1. Avoid eating three big meals per day. Our digestive system works best with small frequent meals.

2. Eat small snacks every two to three hours during the day.

3. Stress causes our bodies to make excess steroids which make us fat. Consider adding a high quality vitamin B-Complex to daily regimen during periods of high stress.

Meaningful Collaboration

Good health is vital to the enjoyment of economic prosperity. According to Dr Basil Waine Kong, President of the Heart Institute of the Caribbean Foundation, "Track your blood sugar and maintain ideal weight. Obesity and diabetes attract each other; therefore, as the rate of obesity goes up so does diabetes. When we are overweight, we are at risk of developing diabetes, which increases our risk of heart attacks, strokes, blindness, amputations and impotence. Three out of four diabetics will die from heart disease and stroke."

He also suggests that we should consult a medical doctor if we have the following symptoms: Fatigue, blurred vision, excessive thirst, frequent urination, unexplained weight loss, and non-healing soars and wounds. By reducing obesity, we are taking a swing at diabetes.

Dr Kong also offered some advice for a preventive approach to health in Jamaica. He suggests that Jamaica needs a system that promotes health and not an expensive health care system that only treats disease. In a country where the average household income is less than US$4,000 per year, we cannot afford to provide invasive and expensive medical services to treat illnesses that can and should have been prevented. By being proactive instead of reactive, we can inspire people to take health promotion and disease prevention seriously.


Together we can realise our goal of being healthy, wealthy and wise in 2010. I invite you to email me if you plan to be involved in this great endeavour. I am looking forward to the first 25 participants. Plus, remember that you will be on a path to financial freedom if you do not have to spend so much on doctor bills and expensive medicines.

Remember the What What What Approach - What you do with what you have determines what you become. Readers, we have each other, so join me in this weight-loss challenge and let's celebrate in May!

Elaine Grant-Bryan is an empowerment speaker, Georgia Leadership Sandy Springs graduate, recipient of the Mayor of Atlanta Phoenix and Judge Glenda Hatchett Awards & Real Estate Expert featured on HGTV and Fine Living Channels. Send feedback/questions to Elaine@elainebryan.com.