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Haiti - a gem buried under rubble

Published:Friday | January 29, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Allow me space to add my input to this recent tragedy which unfolded in the poverty-stricken nation of Haiti. The truth is that the 7.0-magnitude earthquake was only a drop in the bucket, which pales in comparison to the egregious suffocation which has been visited upon the first Blacks-led republic, the blatant disrespect as well as disregard for the Haitian people meted out by world superpowers such as France and America (who were aided by Haitians in their civil war) far surpasses any evil which Mother Nature can dispense.

The fact remains that if a sovereign nation is forced to 'remit' a large amount of its annual budget to a country whose oppressive slavery was removed, then most certainly only small wiggle room will remain, it will be unable to build proper infrastructure and attract sustainable investments. The world turned its back on Haiti and its people as of January 1,1804.

Beneficial disasters

The abject poverty which obtains in Haiti today is a direct result of both external and internal exploitation, with the latter being the lesser of the two. Now that Mother Nature has reminded us that Haiti is indeed a country which is home to millions of resilient people, the world (including CARICOM) has been jolted from its perpetual slumber. The earthquake may yet be one of the more beneficial disasters in a queue of many to beset our neighbours, Haiti is not a pariah, its is a gem which has been buried under tons of rubble.

I am, etc.,