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Today is World Wetlands Day

Published:Tuesday | February 2, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Today is being celebrated as international World Wetlands Day. The message for this year - 'Caring for Wetlands - an Answer to Climate Change' - focuses on the impact of climate change on wetlands, and the role of wetlands in reducing the effects of climate change.

The National Environment and Planning Agency, in collaboration with The National Ramsar Committee, will commemorate World Wetlands Day this year with a series of activities in Port Royal, which is part of the Palisadoes-Port Royal wetlands and cays that in 2005 were declared a Ramsar site, a wetland of international importance.

Boat tour

Activities will include PowerPoint presentations on the Port Royal wetlands and cays, as well as a boat tour of the mangroves. There will also be an exhibition at the Old Naval Hospital.

Wetlands are very important habitats as they protect the shoreline from storm surges, serve as a nursery for fish, and protect the coral reefs from sedimentation and pollution from land. Rising sea levels and increases in temperature will have a significant impact on the plants and animal species that inhabit the wetlands.