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Adoption process needs review

Published:Tuesday | February 2, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I am glad that you have highlighted in The Sunday Gleaner some of the problems at the adoption agency and brought it to the forefront this way. Alison Anderson, as head of this department, should take responsi-bility for the slow response by her staff to application submissions and queries, and the overall inefficient and bureaucratic adoption process of this entity.

In 2008, I went online, downloaded the application form, and mailed it to the address that was provided to adopt a family member who resides in Jamaica. And after several frustrated phone calls and emails, approximately seven months later, I received an improved application package. After careful thought, I surmised that it would take at least another round of delays and frustrations, and several months before anything constructive would become of it. Of course, she (Anderson) not respond to one email I sent.

As you have mentioned, and as is apparent today, several families have opened up their homes, both formally and informally, to less fortunate children who have lost one or both parents, or as a result of the low or non-existent income levels of some homes. For a short stint, I was a beneficiary of this situation, which has had the most profound and positive effect on my life to this day.

Improvement necessary

Miss Anderson needs to examine urgently and review her staffing needs, customer service, and how the process can be improved to facilitate the potential increase in application from persons both within Jamaica and the diaspora who would want to adopt. This is especially so now as many children are victims of the current global economic downturn and high murder rate in Jamaica.

So, as more and more families/ persons have responded to the call to open their hearts and homes to the less fortunate, the Child Development Agency should urgently make it worth their while to do so.

I am, etc.,



South Carolina