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Get serious about crime

Published:Wednesday | February 3, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

THE SCOURGE of crime is now a serious problem all over the island, and there is no sign that the government or the police is aware of the seriousness of this problem.

Why is it that at nights when the vast majority of serious criminal activities take place, the vast majority of police personnel are at home sleeping? During the days, we see police all over the place stopping motorists for various reasons, not all being lawful interventions, as well as other non-essential duties. At nights, it is very difficult finding a cop, or indeed, getting into a police station. Isn't this the time they should be on the roads? Is the police, like the rest of us, afraid of going on the streets at night?

Shortage of manpower

We know there is a shortage of manpower and resources, but isn't this the very reason why we should have strategic deployment of the available manpower?

Can we afford to assign politicians several police 'bodyguards' with fancy vehicles to drive around in convoys for profile? Isn't it their responsibility to provide security for the residents of this country, and not just for themselves? In any case, many of the criminals are loyal supporters from the various political garrison communities, and are no threat to these politicians.

It is time to deal seriously with crime before only the criminals are left in Jamaica.

I am, etc.,

Ramon Mckenzie