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Let's Talk Life

Published:Saturday | February 6, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Yvonnie Bailey- Davidson

Dear Counsellor:

I am a working young woman and find that I get stressed very easily. I have difficulty waking in the morning and I have to push myself throughout the day.

What do you think is wrong with me?

- Marissa

Dear Marissa:

Stress is a routine part of life, but the symptoms you described suggest there may be physical reasons for your feelings. You may have anaemia, hypothyroidism, depression or an autoimmune condition. You will need to see your general practitioner to undergo a physical examination.

Certain blood investigations will need to be done. Anaemia is common in menstruating females, and so that should be investigated.

Depression is a common cause of fatigue in individuals. Depression usually occurs in people who have experienced severe loss. It is useful to keep a journal to identify all the losses you have experienced. Sometimes individuals become depressed on the anniversary of tragic events, as painful memories come rushing back.

Speak with a psychiatrist to deal with the emotional pain. Talk therapy may be all that's needed, but you may need antidepressants. Depression is treatable, and should be taken seriously as it can affect your functionality at home, work, church and in the community.

Stress management is important. You need to look at your attitude, your emotions - especially anger - and your problem-solving skills. You can practise deep breathing as a form of relaxation. When you are stressed, imagine you are in some place that is peaceful and relaxing. Learn to manage your time and to make wise decisions. Positive thinking is very important, as you will deal with the stresses much better.

Think of God as being in charge and pray daily for guidance and wisdom.

Dear Counsellor:

I get very worried and nervous at times. My doctor said that I have generalised anxiety disorder. I tend to worry about everything and panic easily. How can you help me?

- Jennifer

Dear Jennifer:

There are many psychiatric diagnoses - generalised anxiety disorder is just one of them. We all worry about our future and the problems that attack us on a daily basis.

Some therapists feel you should schedule half-hour worry time daily. You should, therefore, check yourself daily to ensure you don't worry at other times.

Be thankful to God for your many blessings and mercies shown. Counselling will help you cope better with life's challenges.

The principle of accepting a higher power in your life and accepting that you need help in overcoming challenges will transform your approach to life. You will need a mentor to help guide your path in life. Many of the things that we worry about are really out of our control. We need to accept that God is in control and will direct our path. We need to set goals and plan our actions and strive to be successful at whatever we choose as our passion. Depend on God and reduce your stress.

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