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Urgent! Good cops needed

Published:Friday | February 12, 2010 | 12:00 AM


God bless those two young police constables and woman corporal who fortutuitously stumbled upon men, including a cop, and that massive illegal arms cache on Munster Road last Thursday morning, February 4.

Thank God there are still some good persons left in the Jamaica Constabulary Force!

With the number of crimes being committed by policemen one cannot help but wonder about the screening process for the admission of recruits into the force.

The flood of police killings otherwise called extrajudicial killings is alarming and frightening.

Deep, deep trouble

The cold-blooded murders of Robert Hill of Ivy Green Crescent, Tony Richards of Aligator Pond, Rory Dixon in Manchester and an off-duty special constable in Montego Bay by lawless so-called lawmen are clear indications that we are in deep, deep trouble.

The participation of policemen in gun salutes at the funerals of criminal dons is another sign that we have hit rock bottom.

Should we disband the current police force and start a new police service with the best 4,000 of the current 8,000 members even if we have to employ foreigners until we recruit an adequate number of fresh, disciplined, educated, high-quality personnel?

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