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Make it lash out

Published:Saturday | February 27, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Racquel Muir, Gleaner Writer

From the runway to your face, flaunt bigger, fuller, longer lashes for that finished look to get your winking noticed. Check out these easy tips in applying, cleaning and removing eyelash extensions.

Materials needed: tweezers, eyelash extension, the adhesive and mascara.

Applying lashes

Tip: Lashes are sold in various colours and lengths. Choose one that fits the occasion and blends with your general make-up motifs. Ask an expert if you need help.

? Clean eyelids before application, then test lashes on your eyelids to see if they fit or if they're too long. Also, make sure you're fine with the length so that all trimmings can be done before application.

? Add adhesive to the false lashes. Start applying at the inside corner of your eyelids using a tweezer. Press and hold the false lashes closely to your own lash line.

? Let the lashes dry after application. Use a liquid liner on your eyelids to unify the lashes. Also, use the mascara to blend them together or an eyelash curler.

Tip: To apply individual lashes, start at the outside corner and work towards the inside corner of your eye.

Removing eyelash extensions

? Apply make-up remover to the lash line for a couple of seconds to soften the adhesive. Take a corner of the lash band and remove it carefully.

Tip: Alcohol can be used to remove false lashes as well. It is not safe to use hair glue as an adhesive for applying lashes.

Cleaning and storing lashes

? Use warm soapy water to wash the false lashes. Store them in the original platform they came in, to keep their shape.

Make up done by: Shovanna Gooden ( Model: Ravae Grant For more info or to send comments, email