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Better sex positions

Published:Sunday | March 7, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Heather Little-White, PhD, Contributor

Some persons find it difficult to believe that there are more than 32 sexual positions. Sex positions are the techniques couples use during intercourse. There is no right or wrong method of having sex, and couples choose what works best for them.

With so many positions from which to choose, couples have options to provide variety and excitement. In relationships where the couple constantly tries new sex techniques, it is more likely that they will be happier, emotionally satisfied and such unions last longer.

As couples strive to get the best from their relationships, good sex may entail varying positions to add more sensual pleasure and help partners reach more intense orgasms.


Crucial to successful lovemaking is getting creative with new sex positions. According to
: sexuality offers key considerations, which include:

1. Finding the right physical position for your bodies:
whether it is standing, kneeling, curled up in a foetal position, standing or squatting

2. Different movements for different positions:
The sex position must allow for movement you and your partner will enjoy. Movements can be slow, with even thrusting, compared to vigorous, rough pounding movements.

3. Adjusting the angle of penetration:
Understanding male and female anatomy, you can change the way a sex position feels by changing the angle of penetration.

4. Getting arms and legs into the act:
Outside of genital connection, the whole body, including arms, legs, hands and feet, should be used for awesome sexual stimulation.

5. Finding the rhythm:
Regardless of the position, if there is no rhythm, sex will be unfulfilling.

6. Speed and pacing:
Time together can be determined by speed and pacing.

Historical practices

Historically, sex was considered a form of art. The Indian
Kama Sutra
explains 84 artistic sex positions. The
Kama Sutra
manual highlights several lovemaking positions that couples can use. Some of these positions provide greater stimulation than others and it is only through experimenting with your lover that you will be able to determine what position is best for you. In the ancient text
Arabic Perfumed Garden
, 39 sex positions are described in its recent translation. However, despite the fact that books, DVDs and websites offer so much advice on how to make love in exciting ways, some couples tend to use the same position every time they make love.

Preferred positions

Research has shown that at least 15 per cent of couples use no more than one position during sexual intercourse. Most couples know no more than two or three sex positions. An online survey of 1,500 women for
indicated preferences are:

Missionary: 50 per cent

Woman on top: 20 per cent

Doggie style: 14 per cent

On the side: 13 per cent

Other: three per cent

There are many variations to basic sex positions.

Lying on top of each other

The two most common examples are the missionary man-on-top position and the woman on top. One story is that the missionary position is so named because Christian missionaries taught that this was the only 'proper' position to have sex. There are still people who believe this. The traditional style allows the couple to face each other, kissing and caressing as they penetrate. Generally, this position is comfortable and it allows the woman to feel protected, safe and even a little dominated. It allows some people to experience a feeling of fulfilment (

Men report having good orgasms because of the dominant position they hold during intercourse and which allows for better penetration.

Woman-on-top is a favoured position among many couples. This allows the woman to take the dominant role for a change so she is able to influence her chances of having an orgasm. This position allows men to relax and be more passive.

Sitting sex

Both partners are in a seated position, with one partner on the lap. However, these positions do not provide for a lot of movement. Variations in sitting sex positions, include raised kneeling position or sitting upright.

Side by side

Partners lie side by side either face to face or face to back of the head. This is also called the spooning position. This position is good for persons with injuries or who have difficulty getting comfortable, as pillows can provide support to keep a partner in place. This position also works when partners feel lazy and do not want to exert too much moving.

Hands and knees

Another popular position is rear entry or doggie style in which the essence is being on the hands and knees. This is a popular position, especially for women, as it allows them to feel their full sexuality. This position also gives expression to repressed aspects of women's sexuality which could have been suppressed during their upbringing under the tutelage that good girls only engage in conventional methods of sex - primarily for having children, not for pleasure.

Standing sex position

Any position that moves away from the bed or any other flat surface to standing is an exciting variation but some partners find standing too tiring to maintain for a long time.

You, me and some object we know

This position includes the couple and any prop they can use in sex positions. One of the more popular is the edge of the bed and the rocking chair. Sofas and chairs allow for supporting weight for comfort but also to allow for change in movement and angle of penetration (
: sex positions)

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Acquiring knowledge

A good source is the
Kama Sutra
, written more than 2,000 years ago, and enhances sexuality with heightened spirituality and erotic stimulation. Christians may be comfortable accessing the site,
which tastefully illustrates sexual positions for Christians.
The Joy of Sex
is one of the widely accepted manuals on sex positions.

Whatever position you attempt, exercise care, as many require strength, flexibility and a great lower back.