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Is Spence-Jarrett without blame?

Published:Tuesday | March 9, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor,

I read in
The Sunday Gleaner
that Major Richard Reese has been removed from his position of permanent secretary in the Ministry of National Security. There is speculation that it may be a result of the Armadale report and recommendations. Reese was once former commisioner of correc-tional services for a number of years and the circumstance of Armadale may have existed under his watch and allowed to fester, so he has been given the axe.

However, Mrs June Spence-Jarrett has been a deputy commissioner and had responsiblity for the juvenile section of corrections for over 15 years. Now, if we are going to speak of accountability and responsiblility, isn't it clear that Mrs Spence-Jarrett has been a part of the cancer for very long time too? Moreover, if she wasn't able as deputy commissioner to get something done for that area she had responsibility for, then elevated to the higher post, her years overseeing the juvenile section would surely enable her to place more priority in this area. Her compassion and understanding should come to the fore now for these children.

Now hearing what has come out of the enquiry that she had not acted on recommendations made by the medical persons in regards to the health issues of some of the wards in their care, isn't she culpable in some way for what happened?

I am really concerned about this. It just seems that some of us are so filled with arrogance that we don't know what is right, and to know that there are many similar prominent public officials out there. Dear God help us, we need a divine intervention.

I am, etc.,


Kingston 8