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Published:Friday | March 12, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Odd coincidence

I am always fascinated by coincidences. No more so than this interesting one that happened on Wednesday. For, according to the reports in The Gleaner, Abdullah al-Faisal just happened to want to go to Parliament on that day "as he was curious about how the Jamaican Parliament worked."

Isn't it passing the limits of great coincidences that this gentleman's curiosity just managed to get the better of him on the day the 'terrorism bill' was being debated there?

- Joan Williams


Kingston 10

Leadership vacuum

In response to the article posted on the March 9 headlined 'Lack of leaders', I find it very disturbing that those who are in charge are forever trying to blame small communities for not having leadership.

The president of the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) does not seem to realise that unless there is a structured way of informing the masses, it will only be left for word of mouth to pass valuable information to the various groups.

If the JSIF had a structured way and vision of helping these communities, there has to first be a promise to itself of fairness, firmness and impartiality within its organisation. It should not be about finding community leadership, for that was decided at the poll during the elections.

The JSIF should, if it decides, create ways to sends its messages to the communities by involvement with the areas it aims to assist and see the project through before it moves on to the next.

- C. L. Henry




Why we need Adams

Whereas I agree with the view that Jamaica needs a strong leader, I think we need to be clear about what sort of strength it is that we require, as there are many interpretations of the word 'strong'.

I once had the displeasure of interacting with a well-known don and realised that the only quality he had was the fact that he is a bully and the solution to dealing with bullies is to stand up to them and make sure that they are fully aware that you are not afraid of them.

I do believe, however, that Reneto Adams has some of the strengths required in the sort of leader that Jamaica needs. Sadly, the present set of leaders are afraid of his strength and so the opportunity seems to be passing us by.