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A mother's distress

Published:Saturday | March 27, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I am a frustrated mother. I have three children; with one going to Wolmer's Boys and the other two at a prominent primary school in Kingston.

I observed that my son going to primary school was not doing too well in grade one, so I had him repeat that grade. I visited the school regularly and was told that he was improving.

The school did an assessment on the students in grade three, although no one at the school told me about the test. I heard about it by the way. I did not get the results of the test. I have since checked and learnt that it was done by Mico.

My mother and I went to the centre and checked up further on the school's information which reveals that my child was reading at a "pre-primer stage". They suggested I should take him to the centre for an assessment and register him for summer classes at the institution which I did.

Missing report

A report was given to me at the end of the summer class and he moved on to grade four. I gave the teacher the report to get some advice as I am not trained to interpret the report. To date, I don't know where the report is and there was no suggestion from the teacher. He did the grade 4 assessment test and the teacher informed me that he had passed but with a "weak grade".

I went to the principal and asked for suggestions. He informed me that there was a special class at school that provides the support my son needs.

Learning disability

My son is in now in grade six. I made a call to the teacher who informed me that she thinks my son has a learning disability and she was going to place him in that special needs class for an hour per day but at a cost. I paid my fees only to hear that the teacher is very busy and can't accommodate him.

The worst part of it is that I had to choose schools for my son to attend after leaving primary school but what school could I put on the paper?

Anyway, she had ask for his birth certificate as the Government wanted to update its database. I sent the certificate to the teacher and she sent a message that I would have to take it to the Ministry of Education.

This week, my son went to school for GSAT examination and was told he was not registered for the test by the school because I did not submit his birth certificate. I am in deep distress.

I am, etc.,


Delacree Park,

Kingston 13