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Overcoming an angry vagina

Published:Wednesday | April 7, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Queen Afua positioned in the Sunrise Bliss stance taken from the 39 movements of Dance of the Womb.
Queen Afua

Janelle Oswald, Contributor

IF YOUR vagina could speak to you, what would she say? Have you ever thought what your vagina may be feeling?

Is your vagina angry or happy?

As bizarre as the above questions may sound, now that you have been asked, what is your answer?

However, this question is not just for the women! To all the adult heterosexual men reading this article, is your spouse's vagina angry or happy?

Overcoming An Angry Vagina - A Journey To Womb Wellness is the new book by international best-selling author Queen Afua.

She is aworld-renownedholistichealthspecialistwhopractises from a uniquelyspiritual perspective and has worked with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu and Mel Jackson.

And the 56-year-old's previous book, Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind and Spirit, sold more than a million copies worldwide.


She's currently on a UK tour sponsored by Fairweather Productions in conjunction with In Celebration With My Sisters.

Speaking exclusively to The Voice, Queen Afua says she wants to help women benefit from her experience and knowledge gained from a wide range of roles including certified colontherapist, polarity practitioner, herbalist, wellness coach and raw-food activist.

"I've birthed this book with the everyday woman in mind" she says "Overcoming an Angry Vagina will, I hope, make you laugh, cry, think and get motivated to make changes in your life. For me, this is a very personal book of love, pain, enlightenment and healing for both men and women. I organised the information so that we could share and find humility in the understanding of who and what we really are - blessed".

Described as a 'self-help guide to womb empowerment, tracing a timeline of womb damage right across the globe', Queen Afua says she believes there is a direct correlation between the condition of wombs and the state of the world.

"Giving birth from diseased wombs and thoughts is what keeps the human family in chaos and discord," says the mother of three and grandmother of two.

Focusing on the womb, "the first cradle for every human infant while the vagina is the womb's pathway and sentinel," Afua believes that women have given birth to those who "create war, steal land, enslave people, suppress women's power and manipulate nature."

"Most people are born from women suffering from toxic, suppressed enraged thoughts. Far too many women have fibroids-filled wombs, cancerous wombs, cystic wombs, mutilated wombs, raped wombs, endometrial wombs, prolapsed wombs, abortive wombs, which are filled with sorrow, sadness, depression and anger, something that I attempt to heal."

Practising what she describes as her "holistic methods" and remedies, successful for more than three decades, Afua (meaning born on a Friday in Yoruba) says regardless of her clients' religious beliefs, economic status, or ethnic background, they were all complaining of the same womb pains and diseases. This led her to search for the root cause of their physical problems.

"I have consistently counselled, guided and taught 25-30 clients weekly for the past 30-plus years, and have conducted various workshops and seminars, which have opened my eyes to see that there is a global urgency to restore womb wellness" she declares.

She acknowledges that the vagina is also known as 'yoni', 'seshet', 'sacred seat', 'khat', 'snatch', 'la-la', 'va-jay-jay', 'cookie', 'coco', 'cho-cho', 'purse', 'pattercake', and 'frangalina', but adds, "Call the vagina what you want, but women all around the world are suffering.

The overwhelming screams from an angry vagina are fibroid tumours. Other screams are painful menstrual cycles, infertility, unlawful abortions, difficult birthing episodes, miscarriages, troublesome menopause experiences and cancerous tumours.

"Eating disorders such as obesity or anorexia also announces the presence of an angry vagina. Research will also reveal that you will see a correlation between the growth of the fast-food industry and the growth of women and their womb issues.

"Depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, migraine headaches and sexually transsmitted infections all warn us that our wombs are angry."

Asked if you can have an angry vagina by having bad sex, she loudly proclaims "Yes, most definitely! So many women experience hit-and-run lovers, or husbands and boyfriends who have abused their bodies. Plus so many women have never truly experienced the joy of an orgasm, or are having an orgasm with the wrong man. An angry vagina is an angry woman while a happy vagina is a happy woman."

She added: "Angry vaginas are screaming, 'No more secrets! No more damage! No more crimes! No more wars!'


"My book is an invitation for all readers to pay 'holistic' attention to their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. It is a guide to using the reader's nutrition habits, detoxification routines, physical exercises, prayers, meditations and spiritual activities to 'heal thyself'.

"The angry vagina is a planetary problem that needs planetary priority before we all self-destruct."

Viewing herself as an African born in America, the New Yorker was born Helen Robinson but was given her name, Queen, by her late spiritual mother and Afua by her elder and now ancestor Baba Ishangi.

"I have embraced the ways of Yoruba culture since the 80s, or should I say Yoruba culture has embraced me?"

Revealing that she was reluctant to take on the name, Queen, not wanting to sound pompous, Afua told The Voice that she decided to embrace the title so other women could feel empowered and uplifted.

Choosing to celebrate and honour her African culture and ancestral lineage within all levels of her personal and professional life, the 5'6" dynamic and multitalented Queen Afua says: "Anything that I relate to as holistic is in fact African natural lifestyle. When I began to study holistic health, all my findings brought me back to the first people of the world, who we know came from Khemet (Egypt), in other words Africa. I learnt pretty fast that if we began to use nature as a principle to heal we would become whole again."

"Food, as a medicine, is my foundation. Whatever the illness or disease, depending on the level a person may have, I am able to use mother nature to heal whether it is found in food, herbs, minerals or even clay - earth. My remedies bring us back to the first form of healing powers and medicines."

And she is firm in her belief that "...the journey to a happy vagina is through love and nurturing thus, connecting with nature. Taking time for oneself is also vital because women by nature are constantly serving others consciously and subconsciously.

"There are three womb cycles in the body. The womb of the mind - what you think you create, followed by the womb of the heart - what you feel you create. So your thoughts and feelings translate to the womb, which makes up the third cycle. So when women complain about various female ailments, you can bet your bottom dollar it's reflected in their vaginas."

However, Afua doesn't only speak about women. She believes men all around the world have equally angry penises, hinting at the subject of her next book.

"When our wombs are happy our hearts are happy, because we are living accordingly to nature, using the five elements - air, fire, water, earth and ether (or gases)" she declares. "When we are in harmony with our wombs, our wombs are in harmony with us."