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Tax pain

Published:Thursday | April 8, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I had one of the most difficult tasks, this morning, in paying my property tax. I have never missed a payment of any fine or tax; however, my heart was in pain as I handed over the additional $3,400 for my new annual rate of $10,000.

The reason for my heartache was the fact that once again we, the citizens of this country who are willing to pay our taxes, have to cover for the more than 40 per cent delinquency in payment. So this more than 50 per cent increase in my taxes will cover what the finance minister and the tax administration are incapable of collecting.

The last time I checked it was still impossible to move land around and so locating property should be a snitch; but why bother, those idiots who continue to pay will take up the slack.

But alas, Mr Shaw, I have made my contribution, now it is your turn. I no longer wish to have my garbage collected every two to three weeks. And at least when they do turn up, I would like them to come on the same day/s of the week. This will help in ensuring that I am not caught running behind them with the extra one or two bags that were not put out earlier that morning. Second, will I still have to compete with my neighbour who gets his garden waste collected because his home and money is regularly shared with the collectors?

I understand the reasoning with the fuel tax, I even understand the increased GCT, I will try to deal with the increased income-tax rates, and now this time I feel cheated because I am being taxed for the administration's incompetence.

You tax me; I pay my tax, now I demand service.

I am, etc.,