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Condo complex for Tower Isle

Published:Wednesday | April 14, 2010 | 12:00 AM

A United Kingdom-based company, Treboeth Developers Limited, is pouring US$11 million (J$990) into a beachfront property at Tower Isle in the parish of St. Mary where it will develop 32 condominiums.

Construction on Called Whispering Seas is scheduled to start in September.

Elaine Jarman Gordon, realtor at Coldwell Banker, the broker responsible for selling the units, told Wednesday Business that the development has got the nod from the relevant agencies such as the St. Mary Parish Council and the Real Estate Board.

Coldwell Banker was to launch the development at cocktails last night, but hours before the event, Gordon said Coldwell Banker has already landed sales for some of the units.

"We have been getting very favourable responses from persons in the resort vacation market as well as from investors and persons wanting the condos for residential use," she said.

The condominium units, 1,400 to 1,475 square feet in size, are priced at US$320,000 (J$28.8 million).

The apartments are configured in four-story blocks of eight apartments each that are to be serviced by elevators.

The complex includes pools and a spa, gym and lounge.

Lance Belcher, owner/manager of Treboeth Interiors Limited, heads the development. Gordon said Treboeth has established a reputation for work quality and on-time delivery of large-scale construction projects with a value range of £1 million to £37 million.

Belcher has owned a vacation home in Tower Isle for the past eight years, Gordon said.