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Crime is everybody's fight

Published:Saturday | April 24, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

As I read your Letter of the Day titled 'Ellington is wrong again', I was extremely disappointed at the attitude expressed towards crime fighting in our country. The writer suggested that any deeper participation in crime fighting by the citizens will be viewed as taking over what the police are responsible for and that meaningful citizens' contribution towards fighting crime is predicated on the police starting to produce encouraging results in their fight against crime. This is our country and our fight against crime.

In recent years, our community has been beset by criminal activity, chief among which are housebreaking and larceny. We are served by both the Matilda's Corner and the Papine police stations and often there are no police vehicles to respond immediately to emergency calls or to visit crime scenes for fingerprinting and crime-scene processing. In response, we have had many security meetings, reactivated our neighbourhood watch groups and worked closely with the police. In addition, we have written to the minister of national security requesting additional police vehicles, personnel and nightly patrols.

Where possible, members of the community have been involved in nightly patrols and we have changed our behavioural habits to reflect high levels of personal awareness of security matters. The simple act of placing your handbag on your bed while having dinner is a luxury we have not had for years, since within minutes your bag could be fished from your window. Our response has yielded a reduction in the number of criminal incidents in our community and this has been supported by data provided by the police.

I endorse Commissioner Ellington's plea for the support of all citizens in addressing crime in our communities and the efforts of JCF in removing unethical members.

Furthermore, in light of the limited resources of the JCF, it is essential that citizens become more participatory in crime-fighting efforts, reporting criminal activities and testifying when necessary (easier said than done). It is heart-rending to hear that there is "no quick fix to our crime problems", but that's the truth. We are all stakeholders and we need to participate in this process.

I am, etc.,


Kingston 6