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Cold, callous, uncaring

Published:Tuesday | April 27, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I have to commend the writer who was given Letter of the Day in The Sunday Gleaner of April 25, whose article was titled, 'Teachers' protest is immoral'.

Highest commendations are in order for Maureen Henry, who said she was a teacher, for having the guts to write such a letter. Indeed, you are a patriotic Jamaican; you love your country, your students and you want what's best for them - i.e. good examination results.

I urge one and all to find and read this letter in which the following questions were asked:

1)  Is the Government adopting this position out of spite and malice? (i.e. the position of not being able to pay the teachers their increase)

2)  Is there a genuine inability to find the funds?

3)  Will the actions we are about to take hurt the children, or the Government?

What well-thought out questions!!!! Ms Henry, I applaud you for asking the very same questions which I have been asking myself.

I cannot, for the life of me, comprehend how the teachers (and, by extension, the nurses) could still be adopting such a militant stance. How and why? How could two groups - who are supposed to have the welfare of humans at heart - be so cold, uncaring, callous and think only of themselves at such a time when the country is experiencing such difficulties, compounded by what transpired globally?!

Difficult demands

What in the psyche of teachers and nurses who are supposed to be sensible, well-thinking Jamaicans could have them making demands that are difficult to meet at this time? I am sure other government workers would love a salary increase too, as it is not just about two/three specific groups. How I see it is, if you love your country then there would be an understanding of the financial dilemma the country is currently faced with.

And whether you are a supporter of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), National Democratic Movement (NDM) or People's National Party (PNP), any other political affiliation, or none at all, that love for your country would want you to play your part. That part you play could simply be exercising patience and understanding.

I am, etc.,


St Catherine