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Smirnoff Dream Weekend finds Mavis Bank star

Published:Wednesday | June 22, 2011 | 12:00 AM

The Gleaner has sourced another cable between The Dream Embassy in Negril and The Dream Team in St Andrew!

It appears The Dream Team has visited Mavis Bank to find the star of Nobody Canna Cross It, the YouTube Video which went viral and found its way onto the CBS website last week.

According to the cable, the popularity of the video sparked the idea that Clifton Brown, would make a good marketer for Smirnoff Dream Weekend.

According to the cable, a Dream Team member, was to have gone to Mavis Bank last week in search of Brown.

In fact, a source from within The Dream Team ranks, pointed The Gleaner to the video.

In the meantime, the popularity of Mr Nobody Canna Cross It, Clifton Brown, has been growing tremendously, as another video surfaced, seemingly from the same source that includes a Geico parody.

"Can Geiko save you 15 per cent on car insurance?" the video begins.

Then there is an insert asking "can the Dream Bus cross the river?"

Brown, wearing his now popular blue overalls and hard hat, declares that the Dream Weekend bus can swim.

Brown's statements are then remixed to a rhythm, not dissimilar to the one that made the video popular in the first place.

When asked why, he would go through the trouble of finding Brown and making the video, Dream Team member, Kamal Bankay, had this to say:

"Clifton Brown dreams big. He became a sensation and that is something that Smirnoff Dream Weekend has always been about.

"We started this event with just a few parties but we dreamed big, just as Clifton Brown does."

Smirnoff Dream Weekend runs from July 29 to August 1 in Negril, Westmoreland. For ticket information go to