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50 things that turn a woman on!

Published:Monday | March 26, 2012 | 12:00 AM

We know we can't draw you a road map to turning on a woman; after all, not all women are the same. However, we've set out to give you a least a sketch. Some of these pointers you might already know and practise, if so, more power to you. For others who don't, maybe you'll be surprised what a small gesture can do. So hear from women 50 physical and emotional things that turn them on. In no particular order here goes:

1. Wear a great-smelling cologne

2. Play with her hair

3. Nibble on her ear lobes

4. Give her a full-body massage (candles would make a nice touch)

5. Have a vibrant conversation about anything, mixed in with a joke or two.

6. Clean the house; it frees up her time and makes her relaxed enough to indulge in other things.

7. Cook Saturday, or Sunday morning breakfast and serve it to her (in bed is an option).

8. Prepare a romantic dinner that includes all her favourite elements: a candle-lit dinner on the lawn, nice movie with popcorn on the living room floor, the rest you leave up to the imagination.

9. Sexting. Sending her naughty little messages via text messages can be a great prelude to when she gets home.

10. Show love and passion with one look that makes her melt, knowing that your thoughts are purely sexual.

11. Catch her in a tight spot - in a corner or against a wall and show her your passion.

12. Wear fitted (not tight) clothes.

13. French kiss.

14. Get a little jealous of her male friends.

15. Kiss her from the neck down to the back.

16. Kiss her toes.

17. Do something physical - fix something around the house.

18. The smell of you fresh out of the shower, then a snuggle on the couch to watch a movie.

19. Hug her from behind and kiss her neck.

20. Whisper naughty things you want to do to her in her ear.

21. Remember things she likes, favourite food etc. and surprise her.

22. Be kind to a child close to her.

23. Putting the children to bed.

24. Surprise her at work with lunch, flowers or pastry.

25. Play her favourite type of music.

26. A long, quiet drive to the country.

27. Kiss her on the forehead.

28. Take charge of things.

29. Be a perfect gentleman - open the door, carry her bags for her, allow her to walk on the inside when you're walking together.

30. Rub her feet.

31. Talk about something she's interested in.

32. Ask her about herself or her day.

33. Pay the bill after a date.

34. Hold her hands.

35. Call her in the middle of the day and say something naughty.

36. Be commanding, not demanding.

38. Be confident.

39. Defend her.

40. Walk around in your boxers.

41. Play hard to get.

42. After a long day at work, meet her at the door with a big hug.

43. Be an impeccably well-dressed and groomed man.

44. Buy her a gift, just because.

45. Wait up for her when she works late.

46. Dress in the colour she loves to see you in sometimes to appease her.

47. Prepare a picnic by a roaring river.

48. Long walks, holding hands.

49. Play with her fingers.

50. Dance with her or even for her.