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Published:Wednesday | May 9, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Acupuncture and weight loss

Good day, Dr Brown,

I would like to know how acupuncture can assist with weight loss and where would I go for treatment.

Good afternoon reader,

Thank you for your question. In most cases herbal formulas are recommended alongside acupuncture treatments in a weight- loss programme. A successful weight-loss programme requires a multidimensional approach and the treatments are designed to assist appetite control, fat metabolism and improve digestion and elimination function if necessary. Of course, in addition to herbal formulas and/or acupuncture, an exercise and diet plan is also recommended for optimal results. Patients usually notice a weight loss of 2lb per week.

If you would like to set up an appointment, I may be contacted at: 11 Ardenne Road, Building D, Kingston 10; Tel: (876) 927-8473. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

Best Regards

Dr Tracey-Ann Brown

Acupuncture and diabetes

Dear Dr Brown,

I am a diabetic with hypertensive problems which I acquired by hereditary means. Can acupuncture help to get rid of these diseases? I am 33 years old. Please inform me as to what the acupuncture can do. Thanks for your support.

- G.M.

Good afternoon reader,

Thank you for your question. Chinese herbal formulas and/or acupuncture can be successfully used in the management of both diabetes and hypertension. Treatments are used to reduce and maintain healthy blood glucose and blood pressure levels, and address diabetes-related symptoms, primarily fatigue, burning in the legs, increased thirst, hunger and urination. Diet and exercise have also been found to be indispensable allies in any treatment plan. In the early or mild stages of both these conditions, some patients have reported an ability to reverse their symptoms through diet and lifestyle adjustments. However, in most cases, management is the course of action.

Best Regards

Dr Tracey-Ann Brown

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