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Walkways with wow!

Published:Friday | May 11, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Makes you feel like looking at, rather than walking on it.
Paved walkways never looked so good! - ContributedPHOTOS

Keisha Hill, Gleaner Writer

Have you visited Emancipation Park recently? When next you do, take a good look at the interlocking concrete paved stones that welcome you to the park, and the covered walkways throughout the facility. These paved stones have helped to add the necessary value and visual appeal to the property.

The beautifully designed concrete paved stones were manufactured right here in Jamaica by Millennium Paving Stones Limited. The company began in 2000, at a time when only few persons thought that a paved stone company could be successfully operated in Jamaica.

Twelve years later, the company operates from two locations, its factory in St Thomas and the office and showroom in Kingston. Millennium Paving Stones Limited is the largest manufacturer of paving stones in the island, and offers a large variety of paving stones unique to the company. They also offer a unique variety of colours and blends.

According to Managing Director, Jason Silvera, there are nine solid colours of the paving stones being marketed in Jamaica. These include, orange, grey, green, yellow, brown, red, charcoal, tan and terracotta. The colour mixes offer many options to permanently highlight areas such as pedestrian crossings, school zones and hazards.

"These solid colours can be done in various shades. For example, you can blend two or three colours and more than 20 colour, variations can be customised," Silvera said.

The paved stones are manufactured from volcanic aggregates mined from the Yallahs River. Following the manufacturing process, the stones are cured for up to five days, depending on the size and the quantity that is ordered.

"The pavers are stronger than regular poured concrete surfaces and more durable than black asphalt. They can take more abuse and last for generations with little maintenance," Silvera said.

Interestingly, once installed in a shallow bed of sand, the pavers can be removed and replaced with ease to allow easy access to existing utilities or placement of new ones. They can be laid in any weather condition and requires no grouted joints, no mortar, no concrete sub base and no curing time. It is also a segmental paving system, which allows for expansion and contraction without producing surface cracks.

Silvera said the price has become more affordable because persons from all socio economic classes can afford them. He indicated that since they have come into the market the high prices have been cut and they have improved on the quality and affordability when compared to traditional outdoor paving stones.

"The larger the project, the prices are better. Even on a small scale the prices are also economical. The paving stones look luxurious so persons assume it is out of their reach. So we offer free consultation to make you aware of what you are paying for," Silvera said. Millennium Paving was among the exhibitors at the recent JMA/JEA Expo.

Sold by the square foot, you can call them at at: 969-1716/6877 for details.Email:,