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YOUTH FOCUS: Keleisha Carter - carving a niche in event planning

Published:Saturday | June 2, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Keleisha Carter

Sheena Gayle, Gleaner Writer


With FEW employment opportunities available in Jamaica, at least one young entrepreneur is taking a risk and trying her hand at event planning through her company, Carter's Collectionz, based in Montego Bay.

Eighteen-year-old college student Keleisha Carter is intent on pairing her passion for entrepreneurship with what she is learning at Montego Bay Community College to make her business a success.

"I was 16 years old when I realised that I have a passion for planning events. At age 17, I became serious about planning, and it led me to create a Facebook fan page, Carter's Collectionz, as a launching pad and promotional tool," said Keleisha.

She organised a number of events, including fund-raisers for the Key Club, when she was at school.

Create opportunities

Keleisha added that it is now important for the youth to create their own employment through entrepreneurship.

"Due to the minimal job opportunities for the youths, I suggest they become very active in extra-curricular activities from high school as this will be an advantage in applying for a job or trying to start your own thing."

Once she has completed her pre-university course, the teenager intends to major in marketing.

Some of the events she has helped to successfully plan include Key Club Children's Fun Day concerts, Key Club District Conventions, and Hawaiian Dreams and Indulge parties.

"Planning these events was not easy, but I have learnt that if you want an event to be successful, you have to start planning from early, have a good team, and always have a plan B," she said with a smile.

When quizzed as to what entrepreneurship means to her, Keleisha said: "It's not all about having your own business, or making a profit, but also about being a risk taker, being ready for the unexpected, having a business that makes a difference, and most important, leaving your mark."