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'If you spit, you are going to get hit'

Published:Thursday | June 14, 2012 | 12:00 AM


CAROLYN COOPER in her article, published in The Sunday Gleaner dated June 10, has painted a picture that depicted windscreen cleaners as nothing short of being saints.

Her vivid description of how these honest, hard-working and decent young men - who have to endure abuse, discrimination and downright hardship in order to eke out a living in an economy and society that is so insensitive and so uncaring - has made Mother Teresa candidacy for sainthood a mockery.

In her so-touching sermon about these little angels, she used as her theme the shooting and subsequent murder of one of them in Montego Bay, hopefully, to evoke some form of penitence. According to her, the man was killed after he, allegedly, spat on the windscreen of a motorist who had refused his offer to have his car glass wiped.

Here is her tear-jerking analysis of the scene:

"The truth is that the dead man was seen as expendable. He was just one of that large number of anonymous, unemployed young men trying to make life and work out of nothing."

However, Ms Cooper has missed the post by a great distance. She failed to acknowledge the many instances of abuse and disrespect that been have meted out, on a daily basis, to motorists by these "unemployed young men who are trying to make life and work out of nothing".

Abuse of drivers

There are numerous reports of motorists, especially of female drivers - yes, Ms Cooper, especially female drivers - who have been spat on in the face; have had dirty water thrown on them; have had their car banged on and even damaged, after turning down offers to have their windscreens wiped. Not to mention the abuse, insulting and foul language that they are assaulted with.

Theses thugs walk around with knives tucked into their waists to intimidate their victims. I can recall an instance where one of them brandished his knife and threatened to kill me because I told him not to wipe my glass.

Ms Cooper went on to decry the alleged retaliation to what she considered a 'small spit' - as that of a deranged mind, but I would like to say to Ms Cooper, spit in any form is the most despicable thing a person could to do to another person. It is the lowest form of insult.

It would almost take someone with the spirit of Christ Jesus embedded in their soul not to respond with any type of force that they have at their disposal.

Poor motorists

Furthermore, Ms Cooper, there are many motorists driving around who don't know where their next meal is coming from. Many times, if they could find a 10-dollar coin they would use it to buy two ice mints to belch the gas off their stomach. It is not because they don't care about your 'little angels', they simply can't afford to pay for their car glass to be wiped.

Why then should they have to suffer insult and injury to their person and property? Because a windscreen cleaner thinks that since you are driving a car, you are responsible for him being pauperised, so you must pay him to wipe your glass.

Finally, Ms Cooper, many of these people who are driving cars are from the lower strata of the socio-economic sphere, but they are where they are because of the hard work and sacrifices that they were willing to make, along with making wise financial decisions.

Therefore, they couldn't care one iota who you want to be. Whether Mr Big Man from the top of the social strata, or a mere windscreen cleaner, who ought to know his place (as you put it) as a non-person.


Ensom City

St Catherine