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St James man pleads guilty to stoning neighbour's property

Published:Saturday | June 16, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Christopher Thomas, Gleaner Writer


A St James man who stoned his neighbour's property after her daughter got into a fight with his girlfriend will return to court on July 25 for sentencing.

Kenroy Green of Content district appeared before the Montego Bay Resident Magistrate's Court on Monday to answer charges of malicious destruction of property perpetrated against Jacqueline Morgan.

Green initially pleaded not guilty, but later changed his plea.

The court was told that on June 4, Green threw stones and damaged several items belonging to Morgan, including a panel door, a 600-gallon water tank, a window, and several sheets of zinc and plywood. The damage was initially estimated at $56,000.

During his court appearance, Green told Resident Magistrate Sandria Wong-Small that the incident stemmed from an altercation involving Morgan, her daughter, and his girlfriend.


"She and her daughter were fighting my girlfriend after she (Morgan) say I must not carry no woman in my yard," Green explained.

But Morgan disputed the claim, saying that Green's girlfriend was the initial offender.

"He carried this girl there, and she always throw out pot water on the place. She came and point up (her finger) in my face. My daughter came and 'chucked' her out of my face," the complainant countered.

"Him (Green) come and start rain stone on my house ... . Him say if it wasn't for the police, it would be the hearse."

"Is just one window break, and is not even $2,000," Green said, defensively.

"You ever hear that rock stone have eye? You go over there go look?" Wong-Small enquired of the accused man.

"I will come back and pay the money for the damage," Green relented.

"I will take that to mean you are pleading guilty. When will you pay the money?" the RM asked.

"As soon as I get money," Green answered.

The matter was subsequently set for sentencing on July 25, at which time a full assessment of the damage is expected to be brought to the court. The judge also ordered Green to submit his fingerprints to the police.