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George Headley Primary celebrates despite challenges

Published:Monday | June 25, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Students of George Headley Primary School in Duhaney Park, St Andrew, pray prior to the unveiling of the school's magazine to mark the 35th anniversary of the institution on Friday, June 15. - Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer

After 35 years of existence, George Headley Primary has much to celebrate despite the challenges. This is according to the school's principal, Veronica Wynter, who spoke of the institution's success during its recently held annual symposium.

"We have a yearly display of the students' work and try to integrate the symposium with our magazine to enable the community, parents and members of staff to have an idea of what the school is doing for the children in relation to their exposure to education and physical activities," said Wynter.

The completion and publication of their second school magazine is also a milestone that was highlighted at the symposium, as it reflects activities and persons who have been attached to the school since the inception.

"There have been great improvements in relation to the size of the population, number of teachers and facilities, such as our reading and computer rooms, plus the addition of computer activities. The students have also excelled in areas such as sports, music and performing arts," Wynter added.

Though there is much to celebrate, Wynter stressed that there was still a vast room for improvement, as it pertains to academics and the expansion of the facilities.

"It gives us a setback, as children don't have enough space to display their projects. We are aiming to have 100 per cent literacy mastery, and by 2013 we should be able to bring our mark back into the 90s," argued Wynter.