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Sextrology: Seducing a Virgo

Published:Sunday | September 9, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Heather Little-White, Contributor

Persons born between August 23 and September 23 fall under the zodiac sign of the Virgo, or the Virgin. On the surface, they are emotionally cold, and sometimes this goes deeper, as their habit of suppressing their natural kindness may in the end cause their good-naturedness to be ignored. As a result, they fail to easily commit to friendships, make few relationships, and those that they do make, they are very careful to keep superficial.

Perfectionism is at the heart of how Virgoans behave, and this naturally influences their sexual relationships. As a Virgoan, you may find that you are often alone and you do not keep friends for very long. This may bother you and you would like to overcome this problem. As such, you may want to be less critical and controlling of the people in your social circle. In your relationship with people, use your positive traits and analytical reasoning ability to charm people with whom you interact and you will find that relationships start to blossom and people warm to you. Try to get a new lease on life and starting socialising in different ways and do not get enslaved to routines and put your life in pigeonholes.


Interestingly, Virgo is the only zodiac sign represented by a female. In keeping with the symbol of the 'virgin', some perceive the Virgo female as delicately lovely, potentially creative and attractive even through to their senior years. The Virgo woman is professionally sexy but somewhat reserved, so her sexiness may not easy to determine until you get upfront and close. It is said that Virgo women are highly intelligent and will outwit many men who try to court her if he is not very sharp. She has an eye for perfectionism, so they will not miss the details of a suitor's sloppy dressing. She will take pains at eating well and exercising so that she always looks younger than her age.

Despite the prim and 'properness' of the female Virgo, people often wonder, 'Can a Virgo woman get dirty in bed?' The sexual prowess of the Virgo is sometimes associated with the myth of Persephone, in which the daughter of the grain goddess Demeter was abducted into the underworld by Hades. In Demeter's grief, she neglects the earth and people starved. Zeus intercedes to bring Persephone back, but Hades slips Persie a bottle of Pom Wonderful (perfume), which results in her yielding to his sexual charm for four months every year. With this influence, a Virgo woman needs to get wild sometimes to fulfil her contract with the mythical characters. The key to the a Virgo woman maintaining her integrity is to keep her reckless abandon to the bedroom. (

Virgo men

Virgo men have a special charm and dignity like their female counterparts, so they may be labelled effeminate when they are not. Due to their charm, they are very affectionate to their spouses and children. In lovemaking, they must master the romantic techniques as a perfectionist and they should be careful not to date a partner whose passion they cannot match. (

Though the Virgo sign is that of the virgin, a Virgo man is no saint. However, he is concerned about his integrity and would not engage in acts in which he feels is body is not treated with respect. He does not like to be used, abused and embarrassed as he will just retreat and shut down on intimacy. You can know when a Virgo man is turned off as he no longer nitpicks about the things that would make you perfect.

Fine dining

They may have trouble with their sex organs and Virgoans are prone to stomach and bowel problems because of their worrisome nature. A Virgo man will chose fine dining with the most delicious fare with wines when he takes out his heart-throb. The selection of foods and wine as part of a sexual tryst is important to them and they expect their partner to appreciate the food so as not to ruin a delightful lunch or dinner. If a Virgo woman plans a surprise party for her partner, you can be sure that it will be planned to the minutest detail and will be an unforgettable experience.


How to make it work

The perfectionist element of the typical Virgo is strong and he/she will use that to truly assess the merits of the relationship. As such, a Virgoan should not be rushed into making a decision about starting a relationship with you. Their meticulous nature makes them overly critical of your appearance, housekeeping skills and professional achievements. This critical assessment is not out of malice, but of a desire to see that you excel in all areas of your life. Finally, the best part about being in a relationship with a Virgoan is being taken care of by a warm, caring partner who will go to great lengths to make a relationship work and make his partner happy.

In love with a Virgoan

If you are in love with a Virgoan, expect them to be moody. They may share warm feelings with you today and tomorrow he or she could be quite distant. The behaviour rests with his or her penchant for perfection and if any thing is wrong, he or she just clams up. A Virgo partner is chiefly concerned with how they should act and what they should say instead of expressing the real feelings in their heart. If their partner is not understanding enough and knows the Virgoan, the relationship could hit a rocky road.

However, with their concern for perfection when they commit to love, they will give whole-hearted to those they love. A Virgoan in love strive to please their partners arising from their trait of being helpful and to make loved ones feel special. If you have had the experience with dating a dominant Leo or a self-centred Gemini, you will truly appreciate the caring attitude of the Virgoan. If a Virgoan is deeply in love, you can expect to be pampered and showered with affection.

Seducing a Virgoan

However, remember never to depend on physical attraction or material luxury to impress a Virgoan like you would in seducing persons of other zodiac signs. Virgoans are a curious mix of the practical and idealistic. And unless they feel that making love is the next correct step in your relationship, it can be difficult to get them to let their guard down.

Virgoans need to feel some special enticement, attachment and purity in order to make love. They are one of the least likely in the zodiac to settle for a quick, no-strings-attached fling. This could be because of the sign of the virgin which makes them want the right conditions for lovemaking. They want that presence of deep feelings. If you are keen to seduce your Virgo mate, make sure that your hygiene is perfect and your surroundings are clean and romantic. You would not get a Virgoan to make love in a ramshackle or rustic setting with little privacy.