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Camouflage pants confiscated by Customs

Published:Saturday | August 3, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Camouflage pants
Richard Reese is the commissioner of Customs.

THE EDITOR, Sir:I write in relation to the confiscation of two camouflage pants at the Norman Manley Airport on July 17, 2013 at 11 a.m. After proceeding from immigration, I went to the red channel to declare my luggage and wait for the yellow form required for barrel clearance.

The customs officer searched my hand luggage and found two camouflage pants, one denim and the other 'cargo'. He told me that it was illegal to bring camouflage clothing into Jamaica and that he would have to take them away.

I told him I was not aware of that because there's nothing on www.jacustoms.gov.jm or in the airport that specifies anything on illegal prints. I asked, what if I wore the pants or a camouflage shorts on my return to Jamaica? I was told, "Yuh wudda affi tek dem aff and find something else in yuh suitcase and put on." Fair enough, given that I was not expecting a decent response from the officer, but here is my real problem.

I was at the Reggae Sumfest press conference at Iberostar on July 26, 2013, and to my surprise, Miguel (American recording artiste) was in a camouflage pants folded to his knees. To make certain, I was able to have a word with him after the press conference and confirmed he had on a pants folded, and not a shorts.

In addition, at the Digicel 'Dare To Be Extraordinary', there were several overseas patrons wearing camouflage as well. So is camouflage only illegal when it's a Jamaican bringing it in the country, but when it relates to an American artiste or tourist, it's not? I could go on to mention popular clothing stores that have camouflage in their storefront windows and on their racks. How did those items clear Customs?

I would really appreciate a response to my concern.


Kingston 6