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JPS empowers with new technology

Published:Friday | May 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Dan Bates, president and CEO of Windstream Technologies, and Kelly Tomblin, president and CEO of of the Jamaica Public Service Company, unveil the JPS Portable Energy for Home and Business - UPS eMPOWER system at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston yesterday. - Jermaine Barnaby/Photographer

Alessandro Boyd, Gleaner Writer

The Jamaica Public Service (JPS) has taken a step forward in its efforts to provide consumers with a new energy-saving product in the form of its UPS eMPOWER system.

The company launched its portable energy source for large homes and businesses yesterday at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston.

The device, which is also scalable, is an alternative to standby power generators and can be charged using a regular electricity outlet, or renewable-energy sources such as solar panels or the JPS SolarMill.

The UPS eMPOWER system is considered to be particularly attractive to businesses, as proprietors may place critical items on the device, or use the facility for powering events.

"We developed the system so that if consumers want to use it as a generator, then they can; it stands alone. It will provide that security for when the grid does go out, as it can be used in your worst-case scenarios," Travis Campbell, chief operating officer at Windstream Technologies, told The Gleaner.

Windstream Technologies has partnered with the JPS in bringing the UPS eMPOWER system to Jamaica.

"There are no refuel risks, no fuel required, no or very low maintenance, no transfer switch and it's purely automatic. It's immediate power on demand. At the end of the day, we are here to give JPS consumers the 24/7 renewable energy that they have been demanding and definitely deserve," Graham said.

"We are here to provide smarter solutions and to provide a smarter grid. That's what we hope to do with JPS in the future, as we continue to push forward and give the consumers flexibility, peace of mind and, more importantly, give the consumer control over their power." he added.