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Lesbian longs for more respect

Published:Friday | June 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I am a lesbian living with my partner who I have adored for over five years. I love my partner, and that is enough for both of us.

I am amazed and dumbfounded when I hear, watch or read news about bashing same-sex marriage. Yes, it would be nice to have the same right as any other Jamaican, but marriage will not solve the problem we are having as LGBT people.

Our main concerns are how we are being treated by people in our community, and if I will always have to hide who I am from my friends and family.

I am not asking anybody to accept my lifestyle, but, of course, I am asking to be treated with respect. I cannot walk through the country of my birth without hearing whispers - and uproar as well - "sodomite gyal fi dead" or even brutal threats of corrective rape.

I can recall an incident in which my partner and I were out having ice cream when we were verbally attacked by a group of men, demanding we leave the area.

Why should it be a big issue about who I love? Love has no gender, race or status; love is just love. I am happy, and that is all that should matter. We are not demanding anything but respect and tolerance.


Montego Bay, St James