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Police investigate murder of Segbert Dryden

Published:Thursday | January 17, 2008 | 4:31 PM

St. Catherine police are probing whether last night’s murder of a 56 year old man is linked to the killing of his two sons who were among the most wanted.

The police said Segbert Dryden was at home in Bog Walk around 8pm, when gunmen entered and fired several shots killing him on the spot.

He had been before the court on a charge of conspiracy to murder.

The matter was adjourned indefinitely due to the unavailability of a witness.

Mr. Dryden was the father of the notorious brothers, Wayne and Deon who were shot dead in a car on Spanish Town Road, in Kingston last December.

He was also the ex-driver of the former Mayor of Spanish Town, Dr. Raymoth Notice.