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Beenie, D\'Angel Battle Over \'Mafia\' Rights

Published:Tuesday | August 14, 2007 | 8:40 PM

By Teino Evans

Staff Reporter

More Beenie and D\'Angel drama unfolded this afternoon in full view of scores of onlookers after \'The Doctor\' reportedly entered their Mafia House studio on 8 Garelli House off Trafalgar Road and loaded two removal trucks with furniture and equipment.

D\'Angel was enroute to The Gleaner offices for an interview when she telephoned to say that she had an emergency and had to divert.

Minutes later THE STAR, received a tip that her estranged husband, Beenie, was in the removal process.

The STAR was first on the scene to witness much of the fiasco, which unfolded at approximately 2:15 p.m.

Police personnel were also quick on the scene to calm the feuding couple.

However, Assistant Superintendent Wayne Cameron, who was present, ordered the movers brought on the premises by Beenie Man to unload the office fixtures and furniture and return them to the office.

\"This is a matrimonial matter, he (Beenie) says the things are his and she (D\'Angel) says the things are hers. You cannot remove them just like that.\"

Beenie Man eventually left the premises while D\'Angel was escorted upstairs in a private room away from the media.

On hearing the police officer\'s orders Beenie then rushed over to reporters and videographers.

\"Unno tun on unno camera. It (Mafia House) was just taken away from me by Angel and her lawyers. The injunction is against me coming here (Mafia House) and the home of my child.\"

He was, however, advised not to say anything further as D\'Angel\'s legal representative beckoned to the police officers to stop him.

She shouted: \"He (Beenie) can\'t do that, this is a legal matter, he is in contempt of court!\"

At that point, the police cautioned \'The Doctor\' and escorted him away from the media representatives.

This latest incident comes on the heels of a recent declaration by Beenie Man that his marriage is over. He has accused his wife and mother of his nine month old infant of being unfaithful. She has countered that his accusations are false.

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