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Gov’t to introduce renewable energy by 2015

Published:Wednesday | February 13, 2008 | 8:55 AM

The government is moving to have at least 20 percent of Jamaica using renewable energy by the year 2015.

This is expected to reduce the level of Jamaica’s dependence on oil as an energy source.

Last year, the country’s oil bill was more than US$2 billion dollars.

According to Energy Minister, Clive Mullings, Jamaica must find ways to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels. It will be more economical to pursue renewable energy sources instead of cheaper oil.

Mr. Mullings said the government would also be looking to establish a local ethanol industry.

Efforts are underway to have gas stations supplying 10 percent of ethanol to motorists, he added.

According to Mr. Mullings, some vehicles in Jamaica can operate on up to 80 per cent of ethanol.