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Picture Perfect: The Harris’ Love Story

Published:Monday | February 22, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Newlyweds Richard and Krystine Harris blooming in love.
Krystine was an stunning vision in her sweetheart neckline wedding dress.
Mr and Mrs Harris bask in nuptial bliss after a breathtaking wedding ceremony.
The vibrant bridal party supports the groom in holding the bride. From left: Maid of honour Alyssa Forbes, bridesmaid Diandra Toyloy, groomsman Michael Demessa, the groom, groomsman Jerome Harris, best man Karl Graham and bridesmaid Simone Minott.
These are classic men. From left: Jerome Harris, Michael Demessa, and best man Karl Graham share the spotlight with the man of the hour, the groom.
The couple takes their first walk together as husband and wife.
Robed to perfection are the bridesmaids who are eager to support their bride. From left: Simone Minott, Diandra Toyloy, the bride, and maid of honour Alyssa Forbes.
The Harris' stunning wedding cake.

Roman Poet Horace once said, "A picture is a poem without words." Attorney at Law Krystine Forbes and Vegas Gaming Manager Richard Harris made poetry, sealing their fate one night when they took a picture together at a party.

The two met at Montego Bay's famous hot spot Pier One but never actually went out until years later.

Following their initial encounter, they would exchange greetings whenever they saw each other. "But it wasn't until years after I saw him again at a party. We were both ordering drinks at the same time and a photographer approached us and we took a picture together," Krystine recalled to Flair of their first encounter.

She added that it was that night that he mustered all his courage to send her a Facebook message the following day, saying that they should "link up". "I never took him up on the offer," she admitted.

Months elapsed and Krystine saw him again. This time, they were at CafÈ Tease. "This was our first real interaction. He made me laugh so hard that night doing his Indian impersonation. It was then that we began texting back and forth, and eventually, I took up his offer to see a movie."

"Getting Krystine to agree to a first date was like mission impossible," Harris confessed. "So when she finally agreed, that was the most fitting movie to go and see - Mission Impossible, that is. I will always remember asking her if she wanted anything at intermission and getting a very dainty

"No". To my surprise, at the end of movie, she had finished the 'just in case' water I had bought for her and I could only account for half of the gummy bears. We have been together ever since."

Two and a half years later, Richard decided that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Krystine, and in doing so, made the bold move of proposing to make her his wife.

Since their first date took place while watching a motion picture, Richard chose to make the engagement one to remember and proposed on the big screen at the movies during intermission. While family and friends looked on and cheered, she said yes. The two hallmarked their achievement with a kiss.

The plan then was to wed at Lethe in St James on a beautiful riverside property, but the unpredictable weather had other plans, so they had to switch venues to the Montego Bay Convention Centre.

On January 23, in a sea of blissful blue, topped with white rose petals, the two were joined in holy matrimony, became husband and wife, with plans to live happily ever after.